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  1. Aquatic Island...whoa!

    well this sucks. this would have been the third time I've gone to Aquaticisland.com.. and I've referred others there as well without issue. So when I needed a clean up crew, I went back. Too bad they seem to have taken my money and run.. My story is like a broken record in this thread.. ordered the 30g crew + free CUC for about $70 shipped. it's been over 2 weeks with no response. I've called (number not in service) and emailed. today I filed a paypal dispute so my money gets tied up for a while and I'm still in need of a CUC. ah well..
  2. My 55G reef with custom acrylic sump/overflow

    Understandable, we've seperated from nano a bit in here. The sump.. hard to say how much it cost. I got a 4'x8' sheet of damaged acrylic for 115 and I've got over half of it left. So we'll call it $100 total for materials.. all the little 90deg squares glues and bits. Seeing as we were dumb clueless going into this.. it took 2 of us 35hrs total to figure out design and cutting.. another 5hrs solo bonding the acrylic. In retrospect we were more or less guessing on how things needed to be based on what I've seen from other setups. May be getting some practice in doing misc acrylic fabrication for friends. Definately could pull it off better/cleaner if I tried it again.. There are some ideas that I wish I had followed concerning the intake areas but shelved them because I wanted to get on with completion quicker. Need to torch polish the edges tho.. clean cut 90 deg acrylic edges like to remove skin from my hands.. But all and all I am thrilled with the results.. could be cleaner and better done in a few areas but that's all asthetics at this point. I find myself staring at the sump as much as i stare at the display tank. Have to get rid of my Occ clown unfortnately.. gave them 2 days to figure things out, and all they did was lose bits of fins.. The maroon gold bar clown chased the occ clown into one of my overflows even.
  3. My 55G reef with custom acrylic sump/overflow

    more recent pics.. I'm a whore, I know.. no one responds other than me, but this is a usefull place to collect info and progress shots to point other people to. First inhabitant.. maroon clown on the right side. Sump with Liverock
  4. My 55G reef with custom acrylic sump/overflow

    Tank has cycled. I've got the protien skimmer broken in and no micro-bubbling as much. I still have some ideas to further improve the microbubbles from the PS more. I moved the 15lbs from my Nano 12 in as well as the gold bar maroon clown from the 12. I have some pulsing xenia, RPPE zoas, and some brown zoas in there and doing well so far. the brown zoas had always been under 50/50 lights.. there is a pink glow to them under atinic that I'm quite happy with. Going to give the tank a little bit more time before I consolidate the 20G and the bulk of my coral/fish. Going to do the first water change this evening.
  5. My 55G reef with custom acrylic sump/overflow

    And I made a breakthrough the other day tuning the setup. The right overflow was getting more water than the left.. cut acrylic and leveled them out to be more even. I was having trouble before with too much flow pulling air into the sump, microbubbles galore.. fizz even. was airing out the water and creating salt crust on the sump and near by components. between the durso drain pipes, adjusting the valves on the drains and evening the flow out.. all it's pushing into the sump now is bubble free water. has completely resolved the microbubbles.
  6. My 55G reef with custom acrylic sump/overflow

    Crappy phone pic of tank with rock.. think it's about 40-50lbs of rock.. will have 30 or so more coming from the other two tanks that are going to be consolidated into this one. Still think I am going to need a little more.. The evap from this system is pretty impressive.. But the auto topoff is taking care of that. Salinity is still exactly where I put it using a refractometer. But it's eaten 3 gallons or so of water in evap. temp is 82 right now, think I am going to lower it to 80-81 to slow the evap.
  7. Center brace on AGA 33 Long

    replaced mine with acrylic recently on an AGA55.. all is well on this front. I wouldn't delete it outright, but it's easy to replace with acrylic.
  8. My 55G reef with custom acrylic sump/overflow

    The hum seems to be transmitting more through the base of the sump into the oak stand. may just make some DIY silicone sealant feet.
  9. My 55G reef with custom acrylic sump/overflow

    Action shot of the sump. This is just a freshwater test to make sure my plumbing works and isn't leaking.. Which it is, leaking. Will be cleaning it up this week and hopefully making it all salty and sandy so I can get it cycling. Tank with water in it, looks a lot like tank without water in it.. The overflow in the right is taking more water than the left, going to raise the bottom of the teeth a little and even that out. One thing I've decided now that I have the lights on with water, I need more light! Will be getting some new ballasts in time, over drive the 10K and the 6500 for starters. With everything going, I see the need now to add two more valves to the drains so I can throttle them a little. Also, any suggestions on dampening the pump vibrations? I can hear a bit of a hum through the cabinent.
  10. My 55G reef with custom acrylic sump/overflow

    Spent all day doing the plumbing, water possibly tomorrow. but I think I may just wait till monday and do it.. Durso drains on the outside, return line on the inside. Installed unions on all the pipes so the tank can be sperated from the system easily or moving. Overflows in place and plumb'd View of the mess in the cabinent.. All and all it has gone well, but slowly. realized a moment too late that I reversed one part of the design too late, so the sump is reversed now to make things fit again. Doesn't make much difference.
  11. My 55G reef with custom acrylic sump/overflow

    Holes drilled, them cheap bits sure do like to dance a little. Overflows installed. Bulkheads fitted. Pics of my center spar delete.. so my holes were a little off align but I don't see that being an issue. At this rate, this weekend is the date of completetion. Thanks for the input.. will look into unions, seems like the route to take. and next time.. Drill first.. Paint second.. going to get lit on paint fumes later this evening.
  12. My 55G reef with custom acrylic sump/overflow

    Cut 3 of the 4 holes.. my small hole saw is just a hair too small, likely I sucked at measuring when I ordered them.. or the QA for hong kong bootleg bits is lax.. the difference is pretty much the threading on the bulkhead so I am just going to edge it out with the dremel tool. I started and had decent luck.. Stupidly I put painters tape on the painted back of the tank so I could mark off the holes.. and possibly prevent damaging the paint.. yeah.. it completely pulled the paint off when I tried to remove the tape. So I'll be getting high on paint fumes again this evening after I have the drilling done. But it's looking like this weekend will be it.. going to see how much I can get done tonight as far as plumbing.. and finish it this weekend.
  13. Tank at work

    Nice, I was at HUMC as a vendor once.. I walked by that tank the day they were putting the live rock into the system.. that was about a year ago if I recall. I had a small moral dillema, go and look at computer issues with the IT staff.. or sneak my way into the room with the tank and hide there. Looks great
  14. My 55G reef with custom acrylic sump/overflow

    A question for those in the know.. who likely aren't reading this thread. but here goes. by what means can I make PVC plumbing quick disconnect? It's know to me that in july I am going to have to move this tank. I could just cut and then put a sleeve on the pvc to seal it back up.. but that'll become messy if I have to move it again. I think the answer is really just to pull out the bulkheads and not disrupt the PVC at all. just replace the bulkhead gasket.
  15. My 55G reef with custom acrylic sump/overflow

    Got my hong kong $4 a piece hole saws today. can make holes in glass. and finish the tank finally. think I'll have water running in it by this weekend.