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  1. How many aquariums do you have?

    7 total, 1-5.5g reef 1-20g fw 1-27g hex fw 1-29g reef 2-75g fw (one soon to be a reef) and a 220g fw
  2. Remora Mod

    i might try it on my Urchin, looks like an easy mod that may cost a whole buck to try
  3. more than likely just diatoms which is quite common in a new tank, it should clear up on its own or when you start to add your clean up crew they'll take care of it
  4. new 29g

    put the floatswitch in the return pump area of your fuge thats where the water level will drop. its really looking good soju and great score on the free lights
  5. King-Kong's 10g

    the gulf rock looks like the florida keys rock i got from www.liverocks.com it has alot of good color and very few bad hitch hikers
  6. How much bionic do you dose?

    heres a nice little calculator, put your water volume in, enter current levels and desired levels, pick the product you wish to dose and it will tell you how much you need to add. once you get to the desired levels then you just need to moniter your water to figure out how much is required to maintain that level http://www.kademani.com/reefchem.htm
  7. The Burbon Glass Pico

    very cool pico and the heated closed loop is brillant
  8. small pH issue, need advice

    for what its worth lgreen i never aerate my water i just add the salt and a powerhead and let it mix and have never had a ph issue, at 1 week i wouldn't be to concerned about ph yet, 7.8-8.0 is a tad low but not lethal. i would just let the tank run for a week or two more before i started thinking about buffers. also if your testing first thing in the morning try testing again after the lights have been on for acouple hours
  9. SheLLs!

    go to the craft section at walmart they sell little bags of shells for a buck or two most of them are worthless for hermits but you get a bunch of different sizes that will work. my lfs gets .50 cents apeice for empty shells
  10. did anybody even bother to read all 61 questions?
  11. Topoff mounting...

    i don't think it would matter anyway since its not submerged, i like the surface skimmer idea, i have one of the aquaclear surface skimmer but i don't use it because it takes up so much space
  12. 10 Gal SPS tank w/ 150w MH - almost done

    The galaxy light in this link looks like it would make a great light for a small fuge http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod...4&N=2004+113030 great looking tank RoboPhung
  13. Refractometer Help

    my refractometer test the same with distilled water as it does with ro/di water so you're probably okay, the reason they specify distilled is so you calibrate with a known pure source ie no sodium, hydrometers are calibrated at a certain temp. usally 60 d farenhiet i believe so if your not compensating for the higher temp it never will give a true reading. btw i had a IO hdryometer for about a week and yes it did suck
  14. Iodine and B-Ionic

    if your alks to high and your ca. is low i would suggest just dosing the ca. supplement until you get alk. and ca. in balance after that kalk drip should keep them balanced you'll just have to keep testing to determine what the demand on your tank is, also if your magnesium is low you'll have trouble maintaining stable alk./ca. levels. Mrs. Wages or Ball pickling lime will do the same thing as the kalk powder you buy at the lfs for alot less money. iodine is lethal if overdosed so as the others said if your not testing don't dose.
  15. Biggest Newbie Mistake?

    forgetting to add a syphon break when setting up my first sump