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  1. What lighting spectrum should I get? Ok so I have a small nano reef tank that is 10 gallons and I am using a coralife 86W power quad. I have 3 different types of mushroom a few zoos, a small leather coral, t trumpet coral, one tree coral (forget the name) and a bubble coral. I currently have a 50/50 10,000K/Actinic 03 bulb in the tank but I think it is getting kind of old and I would like to replace it. However I am not sure what would be best for overall coral health and growth when it comes to spectrum. So of the following three choices what should I get: - "50/50" 10,000K/Actinic 03 - 6,700K - 10,000K
  2. Oh well. The Clown has not become more the agressor. They are as good as I guess I can ask for. I will keep an eye on the situation but the clown seems to be eating more. He ate some pellets however I also saw him try to bite my bubble coral which was strange. He has also charged and nipped at the damsel. However the damsel is tough so I am not too worried about him. I am hoping they can learn to deal with each other.... Like I said I am goig nto keep an eye on it and see what happens.
  3. Wow it is amazing how much differeing informaiton you can get from people. Like I said on another board I get some of the opposite. My guess is that you are probably right - they are not going to mix for me becuase of the setup and the fact that the one fish was there before the other. If I can catch the damsel I will take him out and at least see how the clown acts. But I really don't think I am goign to be able to catch him.
  4. Really. See I asked this on another board and got totally different advice. I also thought that the clown would become a little more assertive in time especially since he is abotu 2 times larger than the damsel. I kow size does not always matter but I think I am goign to give it a little more tiem and see what happens. I would rather not have to remove the damsel and for right now I can't even catch the little bugger. I guess I will watch it over the weekend and see what happens. If I see a lot of stress then I will have to remove the damsel.
  5. Do you think it will work itself out if I leave them be? The clown is not at the top of the tank so he is not hiding. I woudl rather not re-arrange the tank because I have coral and it is configured just how I want it.
  6. Need help with Damsel and False Percula Clown I have a 10 gallon nano tank. Levels are all good. Long story short I had a 4 strip damsel for years and he decided to jump out of the tank about 2 months ago. I went to the store and purchased a yellow tale damsel (he is blue wit ha yellow tale). He has been doing great but I decided I wanted to add one more fish to add some color and movement. I really like clownfish and always wanted one so I did some research and narrowed down my selection to either a Ocellaris Clownfish or a Misbar Ocellaris Clownfish . I went to the local PetCo and saw they had a Ocellaris Clownfish so I decided to get him. Took him home put him in the tank and the damsel is being super agressive. Funny thing is the damsel is about 3/4" and the clown is probably double that size at 1.5". The damsel just constantly swims over to the clown and puts his back to him then he raises his dorsal fins and angles his head down and tail up. Seems like pretty obvious behavior to me. He is not biting the clown but the clown is now staying torwards the back of the tank and swiming near the sand behind my rocks. It is like he is hiding. He comes out every now and then to swim around but I think he is scared. He did not eat yesterday but today he finally ate some brine shrimp. I hope he will eat some flake soon. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I can do. I like both fish but the clown is definitly a nicer fish, a more expensive fish and a fish I want to keep and have happy. At the same time it is not like I don't dare about the damsel. I just thought after doing my research that the yellow tale was one of the most friendly and least agressive dasels - that is why I got him. And now it seems not to be the case. Looking for ideas on what I can do to make the situation better. Thanks
  7. I did have toxic issues- my substrate had lots of bad stuff in it and I need to do a massive cleaning.
  8. UPDATE Ok I did a full tank change- meaning I pulled out all the LF and coral and put it in a new 10 gallon tank with new sand. So my water quality should be great. Thinking more about my lights I am still a bit confused. I am actually starting to beleive the opposite of what some have said. I think I have too much lighting in my tank. I have a 96W bulb with 2 10K tubes and 2 Atnic tubes. So with that wattage over a 10 gallon tank and that amount of atnic the corals should be gettign more than enough light and more than enough in the atnic range. So I am starting to htink that the mushrooms are losing coor because the lights are too intense.... What do you guys think?
  9. Mushrom corals turn brown redish color - need help. Ok here is the problem. This has now happend 2 times where I have purchased green mushroom corals at the store and after being in my tank for 1-2 weeks the corals have bsically turned a brownish color that has a little bit of red to it. I have no idea what is going on and I am tryign to figure out what the heck is causing this. I am looking for input from everybody as to why thsi would happen. Details: At the store the tank had a halogen light over the corals that they prbably move daily or weekly. SO the coral was not directly under this light but was reciving that light on a angle. (store is called thatpetplace) My tank is a small 10 gallon tank that has a 96W powerquad light on it with a 50/50 floursent bulb on it. I am currently running a phosban reacto with phosphate remove in it so my phosphate levels are low. I have a high nutriuent load because I have not done water changes as often as I should be. I will be doign them more often in the near future. Other than that my other levels are within acceptable limits.... Looking for advice/input.
  10. Idea for a sump/fuge - looking for opinions. I was thinking about a setup that looks something like what is shown below. I am not ready for a sump or new tank yet but I want to get my ideas all figured out for the day I do decide to get a large tank. Let me know what you think along with your opinions.
  11. Are you sure? Anotehr person told me the opposite.
  12. Cooling fan install on a hood (96 powerquad or other) I own a Corlife 96W powerquad PC light. It has 2 small coolign fans in it that I removed to clean tonight. They were dirty as anyhting. Well I clened them up and went to re-install and I forgot which way the aifrlow is supposed to go.. Both fans are on the left side of the light and on the right side there are two opening that are the same exact size but they have no fan in them.... Should I have the air flow goign from outside to inside or should I have the fans setup to blow air from inside the light to the outside??
  13. Yup. My point exactly. I bet the tank could be better and growth better but eitehr way it is still dogn well. I htink there is good advice out there along with myths. Many of those myths get passed as fact and I have proved soem wrong.
  14. IT has been over 2 yearrs and my coral is everywhere. I have already had to remove zenia a few times and I just sold some of the red zoos off my glass. I have not taken much of any care of this tank. Have nto done a water test in over 6 months and changed the water 2 times in the last 4-6 months. I do add calcium when I remember. Other than that I don't do much- just an occasional feeding for the damsel and the bubble coral. I have a feeling if I actually kept up on my water changes and kept the calcium level right my growth would be out of the tank.Some more:
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