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  1. I saw that same deal on FB It's a good deal, particularly with that nice light, but I would toss the rock and restart the tank from scratch
  2. Added the filefish to the DT yesterday. I was worried she’d be really shy but she acclimated quickly and ate from the feeding ring day 1. My clowns otoh were freaked out. They hid in a cave from her and wouldn’t approach the feeding ring when she was there. It’s so crazy because she’s the most docile fish ever.
  3. Yes and I know that it’s related to Indonesian corals. This is an Aussie. They seem to be mostly unaffected. It seems to be acclimating well
  4. Macro Algae ID

    it's alien
  5. The new elegance coral ate a couple of pellets today, so that seems promising
  6. new FTS Some new additions New elegance just got this one today. here's what it should look like after it settles in that's all I can upload for now. more pics to come whenever the site allows to me upload them
  7. The filefish has eaten for three days in a row like a pig. Last night I even got her to come up to the feeding ring to eat - something that will be crucial for her to do when she’s in the DT with my clowns who are now aggressive eaters.
  8. 10ppm nitrates

    10ppm is no big deal
  9. Thanks but I FINALLY got her to eat tonight. She nibbled some garlic-soaked mysis. Her mouth is so small she has trouble with it but she definitely kept some down.
  10. Well, I guess when @Christopher Marks asks you to upload a video you should. Be warned: 1) Tank is dirty. Algae on glass. It's QT so I don't care. 2) I turned on image stabilization in iMovie and it trimmed the video. Near the beginning that means the fish's face is cut off for a few seconds. I don't care enough to fix it. 3) Sounds of joy in the background are free of charge.
  11. Good news: already seeing some growth on the setosa. Bad news: 1 wk in and Te Fiti still isn't eating. I've tried cyclops, flake, pellet, and mysis. Even soaking in garlic doesn't work.
  12. thanks. I can't get her to eat much. I think I saw her snick a little bit of mysis. that's about it. she didn't even go for the cyclopeeze. she's all alone in the QT tank, so there's nothing to stress her. I hope she starts eating soon.