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  1. 1) always QT. now you see why 2) drip acclimation is usually bad for fish 3) detectable ammonia is bad. there's something else going on
  2. IM NUvo 20

    Depends on your budget. Some folks have a MP10 (high end) or you could go cheap like me. I have a couple of Koralia 525s on a simple wave timer. If you have budget for a skimmer that's a great addition as well. A lot of people use IM Ghost skimmers. You could also do a Tunze 9001, although there's a simple mod need to fit it in (basically you use two smaller return pumps instead of one and then put the skimmer in the middle). See it here: http://shop.mediabaskets.com/Tunze-DOC-9001-Nano-Protein-Skimmer-INCLUDES-FREE-BOOK-9001.htm A lot of us also use inTank media baskets to replace the sock filters that come with it. Here's all of inTank's recommendations for the IM 20g http://shop.mediabaskets.com/Fusion-20_c100.htm inTank is a great vendor and sponsor of the forum. @StevieT is the owner and a good guy to work with.
  3. IM NUvo 20

    100w is probably overkill. A 75w works fine for me. The rest looks good, although you'll probably want to add a powerhead. Not sure you're going to get wide enough flow even with the spin streams.
  4. why would I get a vendor sponsorship when I’m not a vendor? Pretty weird argument. Also, no one has a right to be here. Strike two.
  5. Designing new tank- advice needed!

    Both excellent choices. I was hoping that was an Orphek.
  6. Seems like you should get a vendor sponsorship if you’re going to respond here on behalf of Neptune.
  7. Designing new tank- advice needed!

    What light is that? And what kind of rock did you get?
  8. Designing new tank- advice needed!

    Two months and no update. What an inglorious return.
  9. Designing new tank- advice needed!

    Since you're looking for an all inclusive system with stand and sump, look into the Red Sea Reefer series. As for the rest, first we need to know how much you're willing to spend: 1) An amount commensurate with your username. IOW, "classy" 2) Wiling to drop some dough but let's not get crazy here 3) let's pretend like I'm still a poor grad student
  10. nano-sized ATO reservoir. Maybe 2.5g or so. Simple project but online prices are crazy.
  11. Tank and AI Prime sold. Nano Box Duo still available.
  12. WTB AI Prime HD

    I have a NIB none-HD Prime FS with mounting arm. Do you REALLY need to overdrive those channels?
  13. Nano Box Duo v3. Works well. Controlled via Bluefish. Some light paint chipping around top enclosure. Posting at this lower price because the fan is sometimes a bit noisy. You may need to open it up to clean it if the noise bothers you. Includes gooseneck. $175 shipped SOLD AI Prime with Mounting Arm, NIB. This is non-HD. Got from a friend who has never used it. I unboxed it to test it and that's it. It's never been over a tank. Comes with AI brand mounting arm NIB. $140 shipped SOLD IM Nuvo 40g Still in plastic. Never used. Comes with stock pump, cover/screen and stock filtration. $250. Will not ship. SOLD Prices are FIRM