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  1. Cyclo's 50g

    sounds like an awsome shape for a display...I'd bet It's gonna look great. I would go for a higher turnover rate by using a larger CL with an OM Supersquirt because you have 20" from the front of the tank to the back. That's my 2 cents.
  2. eclipse 12... woot woot!!

    if you look hard enough at the FTS I can almost see someone cooking T-Bone steaks through the back glass..
  3. reef 'n ale's 37.5g custom

    Fragile...must be a french reef tank.
  4. Babycakes' 7.5g shallow display tank!

    Wow! That's awsome......
  5. Trav's 29 Show

    "It's showing god potential in color." wow..god potential color. That must look amazing
  6. Tigahboy's Reefaroni (67g+30g prop)

    hey..tried to send you a PM but your box it full.
  7. FS: Electric Blue Crocea (N. Cal)

    nice...just get that hex going and then we will talk
  8. FS: Electric Blue Crocea (N. Cal)

    done...and you get a free hex to go with it...he he PM me your ph#...I am free most of tomorrow...
  9. Anyone interested in a 6" Electric Blue crocea or a 4" Derasa. They've grown alot in the last 6mo and I'm running out of room $30 each or $40 for both.....local pickup only...in Sacto
  10. lgoins 29g August update

    great picture...That BTA looks really nice.
  11. Spankin you with 250 watts....

    hey stan - I will try and sell the 29 after I upgrade if you know anyone who is interested. Let me know when you want that hex...
  12. Spankin you with 250 watts....

    that's some fuzzy math!!
  13. Spankin you with 250 watts....

    Thaks Fish freak! Im working on a 36x24x24 that should be up in a few months.. Trav, I'm gonna give some of the SPS a month or so more and then I'll ship you some.
  14. Spankin you with 250 watts....

    Wow travis, Thats amazing! Sounds like your tank is doing great.... If you were closer I would give you a bunch of frags.....It is hard to have a mixed tank with SPS due to their high demands. I think my next system will esentially be SPS only with a few zoo colonies and a few Maxima clams. Thats about it.