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  1. This overflow box worked just fine with 110 gph of water going into it. Unfortunatly the tank had a pin hole leak on the bottom right hand side. So after I got done being mad at the tank and managed to calm down. I took the overflow box off and resealed up the tank. Now after 10 day's of working on the tank. I have a new 2.5 gal fuge that's ready to go. The best part is I needed some more wood to finish building the stand. Then last night my neighbor and his wife decided to throw away there coffee table. So with the all extra pieces from that coffee table. I'll have my stand finished by Tuesday.
  2. Mr Fosi this is the overflow box that is 3 1/2" wide by 4 1/2" long. With the dust cover that I made out of glass. I just used the piece of masking tape to keep the dust cover from falling off. And I put the can of WD 40 there for size reference. I'm also going to buy a few pounds of Kaelini Tonga Ultra Show LR from PA for this tank. Just to check out that LR up close because it look's pretty good online.
  3. Yes bluesky the shelf can be used for frags. It can also be used for a island to isolate faster growing corals like xenia. The reef shelf in the picture above is really just a prototype that I made out of spare part's. In order to make smaller tank size reef shelf's. I bought a sheet of .093 lexan and used my fine point sharpie to design the shelf's. Before cuting the shelf's out of the lexan. I'm predrilling the 1/4" anchor holes. The shelf's can be made any thickness that you like just by adding extra coat's of the epoxy/LS mixture. My spiral staircase reef shelf with be dry, odor free and ready for the tank next week.
  4. I anchored the reef shelf to the top of a piece of LR using some 1 inch nylon nails.
  5. I cut a sheet of egg crate into the shape that I wanted. And then I used super glue gel to add a thin sheet of arcylc to the top of it. After the sheet of arclyc was dry on top of the egg crate. I mixed envirotex lite pour on epoxy with some wet LS. After that I just poured and spread the epoxy/sand mixture over the arcylc and let it dry for a few day's.
  6. Of course I will have to cut this shelf down more because of the stocking plan's for wallmart pico. But in a larger tank I belive it would work just fine. The LS on the bottom of the tank is the same color as the shelf. But my camera just made it look darker for some reason.
  7. DIY coral reef shelf project for the Wallmart pico.
  8. It appears to be a just regular selling product at the Wal-Mart here wimby. The store alway's seem's to have shelf's of it in stock. I've also noticed the brown algae that jamesnmandy was refering to. The brown algae is forming on top of the sand bed on the right end of my tank. At this point it can be vacumed up in a breeze during a water change. I belive the brown algae started growing simply because of a lack of water flow on that end of the tank. The rest of the tank still look's very nice and the coral's are growing just fine.
  9. pakirri that would be nice but the Wal-Mart that I shop at dosen't have a RO unit. And I kind of had my heart set on testing this bottled drinking water. The tank has been running on it for about a week now.
  10. ticklem 2004 It is the green caped bottled drinking water from Wal-Mart and I mixed it with IO to a SG of 1.025 Now all my friends want to see something from there part of the world in the tank. I didn't know what to do with the bigger shells that I got from Savannah Georgia. So I just turned one of them into a planter. I might try drilling a shell latter with a small bit and my dremel. Then run some 4lb test line thru the shell to hold and grow chateo. I guess my idea for using shells as planter boxes didn't go over very well though. With a picture rating of 1.0 I can only imagine what that person would say if he/she saw the tank today. zhubbell I have plans for making a distiller and I will be working on that next year. Stevie T I shop at Menards a lot because it's less than 2 blocks away. And they still sell the 20 piece Tool Shop brand diamond coated drill bit's for 8 dollars. They use to be 5 dollar's a set but 8 dollar's a set is still very cheap. They work great in my dremel for drilling glass.
  11. I don't know for sure if it is straight RO water Bluesky. I think it might be a mix of RO & DI along with some other trace minerals. All that it say's on the label is drinking water. Some people say it work's and other's say it doesn't but nobody has a tank running on just one type of bottled water. So I decided to set up this 10 gal tank and test it out.
  12. This is the water that I'll mixing with IO salt and puting into the new 10 gal tank. I will do 1 gal water changes each week with this bottled water. And use it for top off also.
  13. FTS

    Thank's 14GNANO it's fun to watch the corals sway and the hermit move around inside the bottle.