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    Taken care of my nano reefs. Going grouse and deer hunting in the fall. Backpacking, camping and going fishing with my friends using top water lures in the summer time.
  1. work in progress

    Look's like HankB is trying to build a 10 gal. all in one. But since it's lacking a second powerhead for extra random turbulent flow. My guess is that he's going to make a softies tank out of it. The black silicone that he used can be cleaned up with a razor blade. Look's good HankB keep us updated on this project.
  2. Totally new

    If your problem is a lack of money then you would be better off waiting until you have a more stable job. Because saltwater tank's are money pit's no mater what size tank you want to have. Just starting out it would be easier to do a 10 or 20 gal size tank. Because the larger tank's are easier to keep stable. And they're more forgiving when you make a mistake. Also your not as limited as to what you can stock in the tank. And down the road when you want to upgrade you can easily turn that 10 or 20 gal tank into a sump/fuge.
  3. building a custom tank.....

    Tempered glass is used a lot on large tank's made by differnt manufactures. But it can not be drilled because it crack's like a windsheild into tiny pieces. I also like your second option for building the tank a little bigger. Take a look at some starphire glass and see what you think of it.
  4. The Hardest Equipment to Choose...

    TDS meter and extra filters for your RO/DI unit, A pair of forceps come in handy too. And by then you'll need to buy more Salt. Because you'll want to upgrade to a larger tank. And in order to save yourself a boat load of money. Don't even consider buying any of the power compact light's. Just go straight to the T5's, VHO's or MH's because you will be buying them anyway. There are few way's to know for sure that your truly hooked on this hobby. The first way I call the path finder. Do to the fact that a path is all you left to walk on. Because your house is full of running fish and reef tank's. At night the police knock on your door just to ask you what your growing. And on foggy day's low flying planes use your house as a beacon. Because it point's them to the airfield that's on the other side of town. The second way is when you start looking at beams. Because then you start asking realitors how much weight a floor can hold. And the last way is when you start remodling a closet { 6 month's later your still remodling the closet } just so that you can use it someday for your fish room.
  5. The Hardest Equipment to Choose...

    Airline tubing for drip acclimating your fish, invert's and coral's a good SW test kit. Also at some point you will want to set up a quarintine tank. Extra medicine for each type of fish you plan to own. Extra pump's and heater's because there cheap and they alway's stop working when you least expect it. Rubber gloves, safety googles, long handled tong's, razor blades, xacto knife, bowl's for fraging your coral's, super glue gel. A dremel tool and diamond bit's if you want to drill a non tempered glass tank.
  6. removing trim

    Your wellcome sha Thank's gulfsufer The trick is to just keep spraying water over the top edges when your rounding them off with the diamond cylinder bit. Also you want to take your time using your dremel's cut off disc on the plastic trim. Because if you go to fast you can accidently cut thru the trim and scratch the glass. To avoid scracthing the glass you cut the trim down until your almost thru it. And then use your razor blade to finish cuting thru the trim.
  7. removing trim

    The black plastic trim is held on with the same clear aquarium silicone. And for the most part the trim cover's up there mistakes. A razor blade and acetone or rubbing alc. can be used to remove the left over silicone. A dremel makes cuting the plastic trim off very easy. And a diamond cylinder bit can be used to clean up and slightly round off the top edges of the glass when your finished so that you don't cut.
  8. Lets talk about drains

    A really simple way to tune a durso is to put the end cap on. And then drill one 1/4" hole thru the side of the end cap and into the pipe. Then to tune the durso all you have to do is just turn the end cap. I like using two durso's in my external overflow boxes just in case one get's pluged LOL.
  9. 10g sump/refugium without drill ideas?

    All you would need is one of those plastic overflow boxes that has a syphon tube. And a aqualifter pump to keep the syphon going after you have a power failure. Or for some other reason you end up with a syphon break. If your handy you can make your own overflow box out of arcylic. And use a U tube from a old HOB for the syphon tube. Then all you need is a single return pump from the sump/fuge tank. Edited to say that you can find a syphon overflow box on sale right now at DRs. fosterandsmith. And they also sell the U tubes for about 4 dollar's a piece. Happy Reefing.
  10. Where do I buy acrylic sheets from?

    The sump's baffles are really just simple dividers. In order to properly brace a tank you have to put wider strips around the top of the tank. Which is commonly called euro bracing and it prevent's the tank from bowing out after you fill it with water. It's safer in this case for him to use the cell cast arcylic. Because we don't know how big he want's his sump to be.
  11. Where do I buy acrylic sheets from?

    To build a sump tank or any tank out of plastic you want to use cell cast arcylic. And you have to order it online because places like home depot and lowes don't carry it. Do a google search for "cell cast arcylic" the vender's will cut it down to size for you. Then all you have to do is buy the weldon to put it together. All the online stores that carry cell cast arcylic also sell weldon and applicators for it. Shop around online for the best price.
  12. coralife light question

    It's easier just to say that light fixture has it's good point's and it's bad point's. And IMO the bad point's out weigh the good point's by a considerable margin. For a small 1 gal. tank you will be better off in the long run going with the coralife 10 watt 50/50 screw in bulb's. In order to get the coral's color's to really pop you would need to upgrade your lighting. To something like the T5's, VHO's or MH. Power compact bulb's allow most soft coral's to grow and there cheap to replace every 6 month's. That's why IMO a lot of people start off using them and then upgrade there lighting later.
  13. coralife light question

    Hi Amy That light fixture get's quite hot after it's been turned on for just a few hour's. And you need a solar fan to help keep it cooled off. Also Dr's. F & S charges to much money for shiping the replacment bulbs. You will better off buying a couple screw in 10 watt 50/50 bulb's from your local fish store. ^They beat me to it I use a solar fan to cool my light fixture down. But you could use any small house hold fan that you have. It doe's a good job growing soft corals albeit slowly because it is only PC lighting. It's a better light fixture with the 67k freshwater bulbs for growing chaeto in 2.5 gal tank's.
  14. Black trim

    No you don't need the black plastic trim on there if the tank is 20 gal. or less. If the trim is loose you can simply pull it off. Or add some clear silicone to it and refasten it to the bottom of your tank. The company put's that black trim on for 3 reason's. First it hides there really bad silicone work. Second {And this is most often the case} it cover's up there mistake when they use panes of glass that are cut a little bit uneven. And third it prevent's the new customer from accidently geting cut. Because they don't polish or round off the edges of there glass. The plastic trim itself is not strong enough to hold any tank together. Euro bracing is the way go if your concerned about a tank bowing out to far after it's filled with water.
  15. which light?

    I've seen other new people using my same free avatar. But it's all good and it sort of look's like a distantfire. That's why I've kept it for the last 4 year's.