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  1. 29 gallon sps system

    wow looks really nice, what kind of sps are you thinking to keep? and what is your circulation?? Gabriel
  2. MH for a 20H

    i second undertheradar, and yes you can keep soft corals, you can make shade areas with your rock if you need to keep corals that are low light
  3. My new 20H

    beez great job, i start working in my 20h too, that is going to be soft with some lps
  4. Harlequin feeding

    yes you can do that, i have a harleqiun too and thats the way i feed him, i use chocolate chip, and sometimes linkias
  5. 04-08-05

    damn thats a sweet tank, wish mine was looking like that
  6. signature

  7. Beginners

    welcome to the hobby, as you see we are a happy family
  8. How many aquariums do you have?

    4 i have, 40g breeder, 20g h with sump, and 2 2,5g
  9. sign

    my new sign
  10. Lighting vs an Anemone/Corals

    for a bit more than a year, i loss the fight agains hair algae, but im back and i just won a battle agains it
  11. 175w on a 29???

    put a 250w MH i have 1 in my 20h
  12. I made the coolest frag ever!

  13. Lighting vs an Anemone/Corals

    you can keep and anemone with the light you have but the problem is will be not much color, i had one in a 30g the first time i try the hobby and it was pretty happy but not much color, so you can go with your idea if you dont mind the anemone a bit pale
  14. 2.5 Hood

    do you have a base for it??? and how much will be if you make the base and shipped to 07438