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  1. What is the coolest thing you own?

    My Hawaiian Yellow Hairy Hermit Crab
  2. crab id

    It is defently a porcelin anemone crab,they come in all different colors ,depending on what oceans they come out of.
  3. Finally! Pic of my "detritus shirmp" in action!

    When you start selling them I want to buy a couple ok.You can pm me.
  4. 1/6/05 Upgrading your aquarium

    Well I have 4 10 gal nanos that are species tanks,so one of them I am going to upgrade to a 30 tall so i can keep more livestock
  5. How many people use protein skimmers

    I have 3 10gal nano tanks and all have skimmers.
  6. my shy cleaner shrimp

    brine shrimp is good but you should also feed him flake food and other meaty foods also,they won't survive long if you gust feed them brine shrimp.they need vitiamins and minerals in there diet and just feeding them brine shrimp won't get it.
  7. Peppermint losing color

    What kind of lights do you have on your ref,and how long do you have them on for?
  8. Check this out!!!

    I used to live in Hawaii on the Big Island and it was nothing to go out and collect mantis that averaged 5in or better.
  9. arrow crab aggression

    If you keep him fed he will be allright with other small tank mates.They are great scavagens .I have had 2 of them in my 30 gal reef tank for over a year with no problums.
  10. my shy cleaner shrimp

    They are one of the neatest shrimp to own,they get verry tame too .mine will eat out of my hand.They get to know you verry well.I feed them every other day,When I walk up to the tank they will come over to front of the glass and sway back and forth ,they know that they are gona get fed.
  11. Killer Peppermint?

    How I acclimate my new shrimp is I have gal container mounted on the wall about 6ft high,I have a fitting coming out of the container with a needel valve so that I can controll the flow of the water to a drip so that it takes 3hours to empty.I have a 3 gal container that drip emptys into,with a airstone in the bottom.When I get my new species I put them in this container with half of the water from the bag that they came in.I then turn on the air pump,so there is air in the water,and then start the drip system. When the gal container is empty I then net the shrimp and add them th the tank. Shrimp are verry senitive to water perms. A slow acclimatetion is a must for shrimp. I have never lost a shrim by this acclimation.
  12. Killer Peppermint?

    no they won't eat the aiptasia
  13. where to buy a Tiger Pistol Shrimp

    Most places don't carry them, I would give Saltty Critter a call in Vermilion Ohio, the number is 440-967-1634 and ask for Dan. They can get just about anything for you. They are really nice people. I hope this helps you out;)
  14. Personally I think you are on the right track sounds like you have all good equement for your setup. some things you dont need but need but every one does it a different way. As for the money that is not out of hand. I have been doing this for over 40 years and have learned a lot about diff. types of saltwater systems. I have a 10 gal shrimp tank with a 10 gal ref on it and I have over 1,200.00 in it .So go for it and good luck.
  15. Any Arkansas Reefers out there?

    Where at in Ark?