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  1. cherub angel...to keep or not to keep?

    some people really shouldn't be allowed to have an aquarium!
  2. Puffer Problem.

    Try posting your question on reef central and you will probably get an answer pretty quick. I don't think many people on here keep puffers. I've seen puffers doing what you are describing at pet stores but I have no first hand experience with why they do this.

    Here is the problem with you jumping into this thread chris-is-awsome.... nelsonator69 is asking if he can keep an anemone in a stock 48 watt nano cube and the answer is NO. Then you jump in and says "oh, Well I have one and it does great" but don't bother to say right off that the lighting is much stronger your tank. This could make neslonator69 think that he has a chance of keeping it and he might end up putting one in his tank. People need to be specific when they say they are keeping an animal that generally won't work in the situation that is posted. Otherwise you are going to cause a disaster in someone else’s tank by leaving out the important details like "oh, by the way, I have twice the lighting that you do"
  4. Nano Reef?

  5. why would i loose star fish

    It’s amazing that you have only killed starfish and nothing else yet. Here are a few pointers... All damsels are very aggressive... if you want to keep a damsel in that tank, it's going to be the only fish. (it will kill anything else you put in there) Get rid of the seahorses... Only someone who has read extensively should try to keep them, they are difficult to keep without a damsel in the tank. Don't buy any more starfish, something is wrong with your water parameters or maybe you are acclimating them wrong, you are just going to keep killing them. Take the coral back, what ever is killing the starfish is going to cause the coral to die. Now that you only have your rock and a damsel left. Read up on how and when to do water changes. Wait a month before you even THINK about sticking anything else in that tank (it needs to cycle) and if you can't wait that long, you might as well get rid of the whole thing because you aren't going to have any luck with this hobby.
  6. Yuma losing color

    It could be the brand of bulbs you are using. I've tried 4 brands over the past 3 years and under some of them, all my green corals faded out. I found that coralife bulbs gave me the best green coloring.
  7. My 15g tank(only fish)

    I do easy fish too.
  8. Crab Hitchhiker!

    just take something sharp and poke it in the hole it's hiding in... end of problem.
  9. Purple Plant? Stick Algae? NOT hair algae

    I don't know what it's called but its impossible to get rid of.
  10. StevieT needs a Red Midger ID Please

    no, it's going to stay about the same size forever. I have a few that have been in my tank for 3 years now and they don't change in size.
  11. Frogspawn?

    I don't do anything special for my frogspawn and it went from 3 heads to 12 in 4 months. It also went from about 4" across to about 10" across in that amount of time. Basically I'm saying, give it lots of growing room.
  12. Damn Firefish

    Mine jumped on a regular basis. Just depends on the fish. I hate firefish.
  13. Snails Dying

    to the person who thinks astrias aren't long lived. I've had 5 astrias, 2 bumblebees and a nasaris all 3 years. The biggest problem with snails is that they need a very long aclimation and a lot of fools just toss them in their tanks and they end up slowly dying from the shock over the next month or so.
  14. whats wrong with my lps?

    Well there is your problem! Your nitrates need to be way down around 0. Do few big water changes over the weekend. Also, how long has your tank been set up?
  15. Hitch hiker crab

    it's possible that it will grab one of your fish and eat it too. I had one, it kept going in the same hole so I stuck a wad of epoxy in the hole and he has been in there ever since (about 2.5 years now)