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  1. Tunze 9002 skimmer fitment question

    ok, thanks, I guess it doesnt flop around when water is in it.? Any tips on adjusting? -Mike
  2. Hi, Just got my Tunze 9002 with in-tank skinny cup, and am not getting how the cup sits in the top. I am wondering if I am missing something in the box or. But when the cup goes in the hole, it just flops around and doesn't seat well, or actually at all. Is there a washer I'm missing or?? Any advice? thanks, Mike
  3. Advanced Acrylics

    FWIW... Took 6 weeks to get mine that was promised to be 2 weeks. Empty promised during that 6 week cycle. Will go elsewhere in the future. Good luck, Mike
  4. Distilled water?

  5. What is the name of this coral?

    looks like a galaxia to me. Sweepers tend to come out at night. good luck, Mike
  6. Aiptasia-X question

    I never do. -Mike
  7. Scarlet Hermit died?

    Could very well be a molt, are you sure he's not in there somewhere? If not, have you checked all your params? How long have you been cycling? -Mike
  8. Salt

    Not for me, its ready to toss in almost right away if necessary. Maybe its the Koolaide you are drinking while you are mixing the salt!
  9. Salt

    red sea coral pro for me, my Mag tests @1350 consistently. -Mike
  10. Duncan Question

    FYI... Duncans ARE anemomes.
  11. What bulbs should I get?

    Then do this. front ATI Blue plus ATI Purple plus GE Day 6500K(replace with ATI aquablue if more blue/white preferred) ATI Blue Plus back good luck, Mike
  12. FS: Sunpod 20" 250W MH P/U Socal

    I am already talking with people local, If they fall through I would be willing to ship. I will let you know. thanks, Mike
  13. FS: Sunpod 20" 250W Metal Halide less than 1 year use, with <3 month 250W Phoenix 14k and LED moonlights. Includes all original boxes/timers(unused) Selling because It used to go over my old Solana, which is gone. Perfect light for Solana or similar, SPS love it. first 120.00 firm. Pickup only. Yorba Linda (near Anaheim) thanks, Mike
  14. Is this fish reef safe?

    Great post, I couldn't agree more. btw, My LFS had one 2 of these fish in his reef tank for months, never caused any damage to any corals. I will be heading down there a little later today, I will get some more info from him on these fish if possible. -Mike