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  1. Oxydator and Hydrogen peroxide.

    just wanted to add my two cents on this convo...i did alot of research a couple of months ago on the oxydator to include reading the patents...the only thing of importance that changed was the catalyst...its now a pellet comprised of something like 90%ground silver and 10%regular clay as a binder then heated to set the clay. i experimented with many options including stabilized and non stabilized peroxide with lead and silver catalysts....a lead fishing weight and stabilized peroxide immediately started to negatively affect corals..the non stabilized peroxide and just a piece of a silver earring immediately produced positive affects on corals. i did not buy the oxydator. instead to make the doser, i used a squeezable hair dye bottle with a very pointy tip that i bought at sallys beauty supply for like 3$ because it was air tight and the tip because i could place air hose tightly on it...at the end of the air hose i placed a wooden airstone like those used on protein skimmers to turn the oxygen into micro bubbles .i placed the airstone in filter floss to prevent the bubbles from going to the surface too quick and to prevent the bubbles from touching corals or fish, which does harm it..trust me i experimented with it. coral tissue will die if oxygen bubbles touch it..i placed the bottle outside of the aquiarium and the airstone inside the water..since installation 4 months ago..ive notice cleaner clearer water just like if using a UV sterilzer and increased polyp extension, quicker growth and recovery and less maintenance overall...i love it...i used some unstabilized peroxide i found at an all natural food market in the medicine aisles and filled the bottle about 80% leaving room for oxygen to pool and i threw in half of a silver hoop earring my wife didnt want..after about a month i change the peroxide..every two months i remove the tarnish from the silver or just add another piece of silver...the peroxide is a bit pricey at about 15$ for only 16 ounces out here in Kansas city, but i did find a small amount of 17% non stabilized peroxide on ebay that can be diluted in a gallon of water to produce a little over 3% pure hydrogen peroxide...for about 12$ from a reputable dealer. i believe the oxydator uses a little over 4%...not sure its been a while since i read up on all of this stuff. anyways hope any of this helps...i was very sceptical at first but now im sold. and best of all it didnt cost me anything close to the oxydator or its maintenance. fyi i also experimented with no flow in the aquarium and just the diy oxydator and results were awesome...everything behaved as usual no negative affects for 24 hours...i didnt test past that..just an fyi for moving an aquarium temp transportation... fisherman also use this principle for keeping fish alive in certain scenarios. accept the gadget costs over 50$.
  2. can anyone please provide me with the slim skim pump dimensions and whether its an ario 1,2,3 or 4. I would greatly appreciate it...im trying to decide which pump to buy for a diy project and I cant seem to find reliable info anywhere. thanks for your time.
  3. diy nano skimmer advice

    It's sitting in a hob filter....the water is discharging to fast but I've lowered the flow and maxed out bubbles to slow the flow...
  4. diy nano skimmer advice

    i decided to experiment with a diy nano skimmer. the only thing im concerned with is the amount of microbubbles coming out...i copied general skimmer design and regardless of adjustments in several diff places, i still get ALOT of bubbles coming out....so im thinking of going from the design on the left of the attached picture to the design on the right..where the only change is that i cap the original outlet at the bottom of the T fitting and drill some holes on the pipe and place a sponge over it......does anyone think this will work better...or any ideas on different designs to reduce bubbles...thanks for your time and effort.
  5. Anyone every bought a receding coral?

    I recently completely recovered a sick looking RBTA with the general antibiotic ciproflaxin within 3 days...and another anemone that got caught in the overflow and had its foot ripped totally off..im not sure if this will work on other corals but it works on anemones which..theres a bit of literature and step by step instructions on reef central about the use of cipro to reverse receding tissue and or expelling of zoo...I was very skeptical but ended up having great success just wanted to share.
  6. How old are you?

    32 been in the hobby for 10 years
  7. For all those DIYers.....easier to work with and glue together than acrylic and cheaper with more readily available parts. http://flexpvc.com/cart/agora.cgi?product=...IPE-UV-Thinwall
  8. Does anyone know what kind of plastic the aqueon vaccum tube is....id like to make a reactor out of it and just need to know what type of plastic so i can buy a sheet and glue...any experiences.. Acrylic is cheap but still too expensive and requires more work to build anything..Clear PVC is hard to find and only comes in long lengths..PVC is so easy to glue and work with.
  9. MiniMalistic Pico by NanoTopia

    What did u use for the clear pipe on the reactor?
  10. Tips on building a custom rimless tank?

    just go to petsmart or petco and use the AGA aquarium silicone they have, its the same thing they use for theyre tanks...and its decently priced..ive resealed a 75g bowrfront and a done a 10g with it..and im getting ready to do a 6g with it this weekend..no issue what so ever so far... http://s.petco.com/assets/product_images/1/1590565003BC.jpg
  11. Topless Fluval Edge

    Has anyone seen or have examples/ideas of a 6 gallon fluval edge reef without the top...i bought one for $25 and would like to mod it into an AIO...Or even just to get some aquascaping ideas. thanks
  12. *TRUE* All In One, 5.5g penninsula

    Im in the Army, Stick with ROTC its the easiest way to becoming an officer, if not your on your own its all politics and the good ole boy system if your looking for career progression in todays military..especially with the cutbacks and restructuring..the military is changing fast within the next couple of years...i dropped out of college ROTC my junior year..and applied for a commission a few years ago, i was selected but could not keep the rank for long because there were no positions for me on active duty...i could have kept the promotion and been a reservist but i didnt want to give up all those years of active duty plus i have a decent size family. SOooo here i am an E6 with a masters degree and 5 more years till retirement....the only other way for me to get my commission back is to become a Physicians Assistant and Re-Earn another masters... as for PETCO, i have to say some of their stores have come along way and are actually looking pretty decent..ive seen one where their saltwater tanks had actual reef lighting and protein skimmers, UV, Good flow, Media reactors and (not for sale) quarantine tanks..etc.etc...i wish petsmart would sell saltwater. no problem, ive seen it at home depot and lowes in the electrical dept..in different sizes
  13. *TRUE* All In One, 5.5g penninsula

    i know what you mean, i just got stationed south of kansas city, MO in a small town and im at least a 30 minute drive from the closest saltwater shop...theres only about 4 other places in the area but theyre all about 30 minutes away from each other...i used to live in arizona where there was a reef only shop like every 3 miles...lmao..i was spoiled.
  14. *TRUE* All In One, 5.5g penninsula

    a friend of mine told me to look for pico containers that can be used as aquariums at the goodwill and salvation army second hand stores..i went and was surprised that i found several perfect glass and acrylic containers that would be suitable for a low cost desk pico...i even saw a new aquaclear HOB filter still in the box for $3. since then i occasionally visit the stores and always see something i can use even for DIY projects...Just a thought.
  15. *TRUE* All In One, 5.5g penninsula

    i wanted to make it a little taller, but with the financial constraits im holding myself to, i didnt want to have to get a custom tank made..so im using the stock 5.5g...im thinking if i make it a clean setup the whole thing may look interesting to see all the equipment. although that means ill have to do something about all the wires...i was thinking of perhaps cutting all the cords to size and terminating them with rewireable plugs, or have a container for all the excess wire to be rolled into. i even thought about putting some j-channel wire organizing track on the side of the tank to clean it up. thanks for your thoughts. by the way awesome tank, i like the aquascaping.