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  1. Pink, yes I did say pink! Cold Water System!

  2. Pink, yes I did say pink! Cold Water System!

    Yeah you are very right when you say that's cool how about we say 55F degrees cool!!! LOL
  3. Pink, yes I did say pink! Cold Water System!

    Here are the drilled holes ready for deployment of ice-probes and the media basket....
  4. Introducing the 10.8 gallon Micro-Reefs cold water system in Pink, yes I did say pink! LOL
  5. 7.2g Cold Water Reef Build - THREE years old!

    How is the tank doing?
  6. Stocking a 4.2 pico looking for suggestions

    Red headed goby is priceless and a great addition to a 4.2 gallon system!
  7. The METROpolitan: Kat's New Journey

    Kat, I am making this 2 gallon cold water into PINK!
  8. The METROpolitan: Kat's New Journey

    So, clean! I love your build! Wait till you see what I have in my magic hat for a build, all I can say is that it's going to be pink!
  9. My 3 gallon pico mixed reef

    Very nice start and I like the variation of color.
  10. Chiller question

    Remember its all about gradual change in temps, no shock. So, what does that mean? Any sudden change from hot to cold or vice versa will affect your inhabitants adversely to possible death. Gradual swings in very long successions are best and acceptable in this hobby, unless you have specific corals like SPS then it's different, you want to stay consistent as possible.
  11. 7.2g Cold Water Reef Build - THREE years old!

    Red, White and Blue and I see Micro-Reefs is blue...
  12. 7.2g Cold Water Reef Build - THREE years old!

    I want to create a bookshelf tier add on for the 7.2 to allow you to place cold water corals and critters above the ground floor to take advantage of the limited space. This piece would be supported by two black legs and two clear legs that would blend in the background and foreground, simple to place and simple to remove.
  13. 7.2g Cold Water Reef Build - THREE years old!

    That is amazing on the 2 year Mark in an really proud of your husbadry or should ibsay wifeasbry. I also kept the Catalina goby at 55 f degrees in my original 2 gallon system 2 years ago was my anniversary of having shared that tank on Facebook. Amazing you own such a rare system only seen in public aquariums. I salute you Tam..... quote name="Tamberav" post="5358896" timestamp="1467850322"] I run it at 55. I got some more livestock arriving tomorrow The tank just hit its 2 year old birthday
  14. 7.2g Cold Water Reef Build - THREE years old!

    It's amazing how these little guys like to pose for photos! Also how cold do you run the tank? I am in testing with another 7.2 system with two probes for a customers in Michigan! I am working on his tank hitting 55F degrees of COOLNESS!
  15. Jims temperate pico

    Who purchased this system?