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  1. TheDoogan's Shallow Rimless Reef

    Good stuff. Taggin' along.
  2. WTB SPS frags

    Where are you located? i have a couple real easy SPS that i can frag up real quick. Only local though.
  3. Nurse Shark in a 12G?

    i keep a nurse in my 10g fish only. just change water 50% every othe rday
  4. DSC_00022

    looks like a deformed ass toadstool

    Anime Gee YGPM Everything except for Valida colony is pending. Thank you

    Hmm.. I thought my location was already posted but i am located in Arcadia, CA. It is right off the 210 nex to pasadena. Valida- SOLD
  7. Its getting closer and closer until i move out for school and my parents have been pressing me about getting rid of my corals. I will not be selling any of my equipment just yet. Ive been out of the coral game for a while so i hope my pricing is acceptable. For all you environment freaks, most of my colonies are grown from frags! Some pictures are better than others. If you are really interested and want some better pics please let me know. SPS. --------------------------------------------- Valida Colony: I grew this guy out from a 2" frag i got at a swap a couple years ago. The top will purple up real nice with some love and care. It only recently lost its color because i did not take proper care of it. Sorry i could not get a good picture of it. Its placed at a weird spot in my tank. It is about 4". $60 Unknown Acro: I purchased this guy at fragfarmers about 8-10 monthes ago. He was badly bleached at the time. I was only beginning SPS back then and i wanted to try something that was affordable. Luckily he survived and now grows very quickly. He only had nubs for branches back then and nows hes about 4 1/2" in diameter. It is now beige with green polyps. It also has an acro crab in it! $50 Green Slimer Frag/ Blue Stag/ Greenish Teal Stag: These three are all little frags. The blue stag was only about 1/4" when i snagged him up from a buddy of mine hes now only about 1/2"- 3/4". The greenish teal stag is about 1" but has this weird creature growing on it. I dont think it affects the coral much though. And the green slimer is about 2" with many branches. $40 Birdsnest Mother Colony: This is by far the fastest growing SPS ive ever kept. Ive had him about about 14 monthes. He started as a 1 1/2" frag i received at a MASLAC meeting. Since then he has grown to about 5" in diameter. The growth is very intricate and beautiful. $75 LPS --------------------------------------------------- Watermelon Chalice: I fragged multiple pieces from this original mother colony before. It has good coloration and is healthy. It has a weird inwards cup-like growth. It is about 4".$45 Pink/ Purple Chalice: Purchased this guy at a frag swap about 1 1/2" in diameter. It is now 3". I believe this is considered an uncommon color. $55 Misc. --------------------------------------------------- Crocea Clam: Nice sized clam with great colors. Its latched onto a rock so im not too sure if i can get if off. Might have to take the rock with you. 4" $50 Pink Zoos: 60-80 polyps with good coloration. Some color has faded due to lower placement in the tank but should color right up. $50 Green/Blue Zoos: They probably have some wacky names for these guys but their jus green/blue zoos to me. 60-80 polyps with good growth. It also has a couple stalks of pulsing xenia. $50 I will not hold. First come first serve. Cash and local pickup/meet only. If you are interested in buying all items, PM me and we will work out a deal. Thank you! PS. Also, ive got tons of pulsing xenia and chaeto so just ask!
  8. New people, READ ME!

    have a stable income
  9. Yea im located in Southern California (Arcadia). Also, if pics dont work feel free to email or pm me and i will send you some. Thanks
  10. Hey guys. Im starting to slowly get rid of things in my tank. I have a few micro frags that ive been farming. As well as a propagation tank. I am unable to get the pictures of the specific frags but i have a few pictures of what previous frags looked like. These frags are pretty big compared to ones i offered before, but prices are still pretty reasonable. 12 Polyp Frag- $65 4 Polyp Frag- $15 5 Polyp Frag- $20 9 Polyp Frag- $45 11 Polyp Frag- $55 Here is a pic of a frag from last time. Propagation Tank- $30 OBO 18.5" x 18.5" x 11" I used this tank has a propagation tank and it served its purpose well. However, there is some epoxy on 2 sides which i will try to remove as much as i can. I think there might be 1 minor scratch however i cant find it now. A real nice tank for propagation. Inquire for pictures. Everything is CASH only. Locals only. No reserves. PM or email me for details. Thank you. g0tmc@yahoo.com
  11. What to do w/ 30g. Oceanic Cube?

    why go easy with a 30g cube? slap a 150w mh on that puppy nd get onto SPS.
  12. Fs: Blastos and cheap frags

    Steel blue is on hold but the lavender one is still up for sale. I have plenty of xenia and GSP frags so if your interested.. its not too late to PM me for details! Katara ygpm
  13. I put these blastos up for sale a few weeks ago and didn sell. So im going to post these up again. Also if anyone wants.. i have gigantic mounted pieces of xenia for 5 bucks. These are the elongata strain. I also have neon green star polyps mounted about 2x2" for 5 bucks. Each Blasto Mini Colony is $60. I can meet in or around Arcadia,CA Lavender Rim with Lime Green Center. Has about 12-14 heads. http://mchang7.photosite.com/Album3/CIMG4000.html Steel Blue. One of the rarer morphs of blastos in my opinion. I just dont see them as much in retail stores. It has 12-14 heads as well and is a great sized colony. http://mchang7.photosite.com/Album3/IMG_0649.html
  14. Lookin for a 12" fixture. Doesnt have to be new, but it hasta work. Im going to be using it for a 7g cube. Willing to pick up in socal area. Thank you.