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  1. Did he climb that high?
  2. Im really curious to see how this thing works. Keep us updated.
  3. Where did you get the stand? Is is it made for aquariums?
  4. Im gonna do that with my brain!
  5. How big is that tank?
  6. Igreen, It's just a regular rectangle tank. I actually bought mine used off this site, w/o scratches too! Anyways, this exact tank is for sale in the Marine Depot catalog for like $400.00 Brad...let me see your tank when you get the lights! This paticular ligh is way better than MH IMHO
  7. Where all my plots are made.
  8. This is what an Aqua C Urchin can do in one week!
  9. Sorry for the late responce. I just Pm you.
  10. Bradarmi, Thanks! Those are the legs that come with the lighting fixture. Every Orbit fixture has them. Be cool. -Angel
  11. Thats cool. Are they actually attached?
  12. the way you wrote that seemed very serious. Thanks for the compliments. You can take your drawings to any good tatoo artist and he'll modify them perfect and make them fit wherever you want them on your body. Thats is, if your serious. "Hold Fast" is an old english sailors term (also biblical) meaning "to cling to whatever grants you safety" I chose old english as the lettering style also. But were cool beef. -Angel
  13. It's a Orbit 4x96w with three moonlights,two ballasts,two fans. I'll post livestock later. Glad yall like it. It was alot of work.