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  1. snail looking at his "god"

    Did he climb that high?
  2. 90 Gallon Reef

    I don't see any pics man.
  3. g0tfish's 50g Oceanic

    I have a Yellow Tang in my tank which is 36x15x20 and he is been doing fine for 3 monthes. I guess it depends how many fish you have and how much swimming space they have for themselves. Think about it and maybe try it. It the Tang doe'int seem to like it, take him back.
  4. I'm baaaaaaack

    Nice to meet ya! Im back too after almost a year!...if anybody cares LOL And I got some stuff in the works as well.
  5. A watwr change is best but you could use a chemical method as well like Amquel.
  6. Angel's SeaClear 42G thread

    Lam!!!....I have not done anything new yet to the reef. Been really busy on other things. Yeah, let me know when me and Robert should go down there. The test kit is great! impala64....sounds like a good idea you have. -Angel
  7. Angel's SeaClear 42G thread

    I have 130 Lbs + including whats in the refugium. BTW, I have a 64 too, 2dr hard top. Nice ride. -Angel
  8. Angel's equipment sale

    Rich...YGPM :angel:
  9. awesome rock

    Let's see some pics of your rocks.
  10. WTB: Custom acrylic sump/box

    Check.... www.socalcreations.com

    Im really curious to see how this thing works. Keep us updated.
  12. Tigahboy's 67g Reef Project

    I was a drag when I had to lug water back and forth from the vending machine to my apt. I had like 5-5G jugs and had to fill my tank and sump like 80 gallons. I live on the 3rd floor and to make things worst, the damn elevator was out for like a week during the time so imagine what I had to go through! I was sweating my ass off up them stairs...your lucky. Cesar...i think im gonna mount a powerhead and some hose together and use it to pump my water from the 5 gallon bucket into my sump when i do changes. I'm tired of pouring and splashing! this I think will be alot easier. Tigah....glad things are working out for you. -Angel
  13. 10g. Nano i am taking the challange

    I deffinitly agree with what the other members told you. Here's some of my advice... 1. Buy GOOD equipment so you don't have to buy things over again. Example: If you intend to keep SPS or clams buy a good MH fixture as your first light. Get a good water test kit too, like Salifert. 2.Buy some good books about reef keeping and read them twice. 3. Be patient...this hobby is expensive, and even more expensive if you make mistakes. 4. Use the search button here on this site. It's one of your best weapons. 5. Make sure you can handle maintaining a reef because if not, your just wasting your time, money and these precious animals lives. This hobby requires a commitment if your gonna be successful at it. -Angel
  14. Angels in Pasadena, CA

    Ummmm...He's not talking about me, Im in Hollywood. -Angel:angel:
  15. Happy 4th Anniversary Nano-Reef.com!

    If theres that many members, how come I only see the SAME 50 names all the time? The real question is...how many ACTIVE members are their? Who agrees with me?? -Angel