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  1. problem with cassette mod!!!! Help?

    hi i used an old tape case from a compact digital video tape its about 1/2" larger all round than a 20 deck of smokes i trimed the flap of with a knife which leaves u with a box then dremeled slots in it, this then fits over the intake on a NC almost perfectly, its not black but opaque smokey gray so its almost invisible against the back wall of my boyu cube, ill take some pics of it over the weekend then post em for you. cheers Dave
  2. Ghostryder's 24G DX NC

    yeah this forums great, coming from the UK like i do its almost inpossible to find advice on keeping nano size tanks so this sites been a god send. this is a link with a pic of my tank before moved house and decided to change the set up as well http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/showthread...&threadid=55404 ive gota a 12g boyu cube now which is the same tank as the nanocibe 12g jst the european version, its not as good tho it only came with 18w of lighing so i had to mod the lights straightaway, im battling with a huge cyno out break at the mo so ive goy no pics of it, when ive cleared it up ill post some. Cheers Dave
  3. Ghostryder's 24G DX NC

    its all good, ive only been at this marine game bout a year so im still somewhat of a nooby but i try to help were i can, ive been using joes juice and haveing some sucess, ive been lucky tho i only had one of them to start with which i zapped then a few days later a baby apeared on the same rock so that got it to. glad i could help. cheers Dave
  4. Ghostryder's 24G DX NC

    ive just been done a quick google search for curly cue anenome, and it turns out there of the aiptasia family so i think we both may be right, check this link out http://www.nautilusreef.com/html/tbs_live_...ck_index_1.html cheers Dave
  5. Ghostryder's 24G DX NC

    Great tank ghostryder, the brain and plate are really nice. i hate to be the bearer of bad news but i think the curly cue hitch hiker may be aipatasia which are a pest and a pain to get rid of ive been battling them for two weeks now. i found this link which has some good pics of them http://www.reefcorner.com/SpecimenSheets/aipatasia.htm i hope this helps because if they are they can be difficult to eradicate. still got a great tank (nicer than mine) Cheers Dave
  6. what critter have you lost, that you really miss having in the tank

    i lost my cleaner shrimp a few months back when i moved outa my folks house into my own flat, i tell ya i was gutted he was sucha cool little guy he used to swim up n clean behind my nails when i put my fingers in the water.
  7. anenomie ID

    ok as soon as i get home from work operation eradicate the alien starts. cant get joes juice for a few day cus id have to order it online, would injecting the blighter with boiling water work?
  8. anenomie ID

    i think its a damm close match, the question now is do i try nget rid of it or leave it n hope they dont take over n i end up with a war of the wolrds situation with evry thing runing scared from the dreaded invader ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggg make for the hills.
  9. anenomie ID

    ok im convinced its an aptasia, i found a top down shot of aptasia n its a prity close match. this is the picture i found
  10. anenomie ID

    Yeah i think you might be right, but i thought apatasia wernt light sensitive, when i put the tank lights on this little guy pulls back into a hole so you cant see him at all, the only time i see him out on the rock is when its dark first thing in the morning, i get up at stupid o clock for work and all way check my tank before i leave. thanks for the reply tho. Dave
  11. anenomie ID

    any ideas at all? i dont think its apatasia but im slightly worried it might be. cheers Dave.
  12. Dark pigmentation on Ocerllaris, plus bonus round

    hi bob I dont think the spots on your clown are anything to worry about, one of my pair got them for a while but they soon disapered, i was told there normal for clowns, kinda like clown achne
  13. anenomie ID

    hi all, i got a delivery of macro algae the other day and i found this small anenomie like critter on one of the leaves, so i thought what hell ill see if it survives, but now im worried if it could be a pest of some sort. its bout 3/4 inch across when its fully inflated, white with darker bands on the tenticles. it seems to be nocturnal cus the only time i see it out fully is after lights out or first thing in the morning when i havent turned them on yet. the rest of the time it shrinks back into a whole in the rock. the picture i took is a bit crapy cus its from the top of the tank. any ideas?
  14. Reefette

    Great tank Rich i love the aquascapeing. its cool to see more and more people from the UK on NR.com, keep up the great work and keep us posted. Cheers Dave
  15. locline return

    hi all. id like to add another power head with a locline return to my 12g boyu cube. my quetion is what diameter locline tubing do you guys usually use? i can get the 1/4 inch stuff in the uk but im haveing trouble finding any think bigger. any advice would be great. Cheers Dave