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  1. Happy 15th Birthday Nano-Reef.com!

    I learned so much on this site! Thanks for keeping it alive!
  2. Hermit crabs are starting to tick me off

    This is why I'm going crabless.
  3. best ato for rimmed 5.5 gallon?

    You could try an aqualifter on a timer.
  4. Ice Probe chiller x4

    I have both very good condition ice probes for sale with power supplies as well as the controller. I have both very good condition ice probes for sale with power supplies as well as the controller.
  5. Ice Probe chiller x4

  6. Ice Probe chiller x4

    I have 4 Ice Probe chillers, 2 power supplies, and 1 temperature controller. For more information... click. 2 of the Ice Probes are complete and in perfect condition. They both come with power supplies. The grey ice probe is the most current and up to date ice probe I got directly from Nova Tec. That one has never been used. The one on the right of the grey ice probe has only been used a few months and is in great condition. As for power supplies, one power supply is a stock power supply that came with an ice probe, the other one I bought due to one of the power supplies failing. That one has been working perfectly fine with zero issues. The other 2 ice probes are not complete and do not come with power supplies. One of the ice probes with the front plastic piece has some chips in the powder coating and I attempted to "fix" it with silicon. The other ice probe has no chips in the probe but is missing the front plastic piece and has bare wires coming out to connect to a power supply. It functions just fine though. Last, I have 1 temperature controller. Click for info. Ok, now for pricing... 2 excellent condition ice probes w/ power supplies - $85/ each 1 not so great ice probe with chipping powder coating - $45 1 great condition probe but with missing plastic front piece and exposed wires - $35 1 temperature controller - $40 All prices include shipping. US shipping only!! Any questions? Please ask!
  7. Dave's 65 gallon Rimless

    Very nice tank. I have a 65 gallon too (non rimless). How are your fish doing in there? I just recently added 3 lyretail anthias as well. They are beautiful fish.
  8. AI Nano w/ controller

  9. AI Nano w/ controller

    $225 shipped
  10. Full Spectrum LED tank pictures

    Crappy phone pic, but here it is
  11. Full Spectrum LED tank pictures

    I got my fixture done this weekend, and it looks great! I just have a wiring mess to clean up. The color is a little purple, I put a strip of royal blues that I was originally using as a supplement to my halides and that adds the extra blue look that I need. I'll just have to spray some LED sealant on it and I'm good to go. Thanks for the fast shipping LED group buy!
  12. Full Spectrum LED tank pictures

    My layout, I'll start to solder this weekend. How hard is it to solder those OCWs? There's not much room in there.
  13. AI Nano w/ controller

    So many nanos! 240 shipped...
  14. AI Nano w/ controller

  15. Full Spectrum LED tank pictures

    I pulled the trigger and ordered all the parts for my build! Can't wait to start it!