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  1. new tank

    Get some sweet zoos for that tank.
  2. Harbor Freight Power Heads

    I have 2 in my 29 gallon and they work good and you cant beat $5.
  3. Amazing Speckled Zoos

    Holy CRAP! Those are the BEST! Were did you get them?
  4. Mystery claw!!!

    I found one in my tank also but how can I miss a crab that has been in my tank for 6 months?
  5. Oldest Residents

    How do you keep any type of snail in ther with that Hermit? Mine just kills every snail in sight!
  6. Feather Duster tubes in back of compartment 2

    So you think they are dead?
  7. Any tanks with 2-96 watt lighting?

    I have a 10 gal with a 96 watt PC and I keep Hammers,Torch,Cup ,zoanthids,xenia,and Shrooms. So as far as I know any soft coral and most LPS coral should be fine.
  8. Should I go Bare Bottom?

    I have decided to keep the sand.
  9. Should I go Bare Bottom?

    Ok I am haveing a alge problem and am taking every thing out of the tank and was wondering how hard it would be to convert to BB? And I have seen a lot of tanks that are BB and I like the look and was just wondering if this would be good for a 10 gallon to be bare bottom?
  10. Help algae wont go away

    If all else fails get a sea hair they eat that stuff like crazy! I have had mine in my 29 gallon for 1 days and its already cleaned half of the tank. But unless you have another tank bigger than that one or have a friend that has a bigger tank the sea hair might not live too long in a 10 gal.
  11. Centerpiece Fish for 10 gallon?

    Clowns have a lot of personallity so would get him.
  12. Ever seen this?

    There is no direct sunlight. And heck no I dont like the Green look!
  13. Ever seen this?

    Only twice and it was about 2 months ago!
  14. Ever seen this?

    The tank is about 4 months old and the problem has been going on for about 3 weeks. I see no reason to move the corals out cause they have all doubled in size including my torch! Its like having a tank full of DTs.
  15. Ever seen this?