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  1. Enough light?

    k thanks i had sum montis before under less lighting so i might try those as well...
  2. Enough light?

    Ok i just wanted to get some imput... I have a lot of experience with saltwatert tanks but wanted to know what ou guys thought... Ok i have a 5.5 gallon setup that will house 2 small balck occ clowns, right now i have a 29 set up wih a pair of regualr occ clowns, and these will be moved to my 75 once that is set up, then the blacks will be moved to the 29, and later when they are of a good size, they will also be moved into the 75... ok enough blabbering lol... Right now i have 36 watts of 10k flouresent lighting, and a 50/50 13 watt pc bulb over the 5.5, i know this is enough light for easier corals, but just wanted to get input on what all i could have in there??? i assume softies, but do you think any lps would do ok if there up higher in the tank??? thanks for any help!!!
  3. To keep or not to keep Pistol Shrimp

    I have been searching for a pistol, my lfs was supposed to order me one, but never did. I love them, I would suggest keeping him, but if not, you could always send him to me...
  4. Banded Brittle star

    the green ones you have to watch out for, but i know the black ones are exellent reef inverts, i have a good sized one in my 29 and a small one in my 5.5 harmlees and very hardy...
  5. Meet CLAW!

    i do not think that a 5 gallon tank will be enough. I would say to have at least a 10 gallon tank with a 2-3 inch sand bed and good amout of lr. but otherwise, beautiful lobster...
  6. Porites changing color?

    ok... the white colored area is bleached. and the green and yellow is live or atleast coming back to life. the reason the color is so green and bright is from the amout of actinic the t5 put off. what bubls do you use? The fuzzyness is actually the polyps. The white or really light area is bleached. bleached just means it has lost its zoozanthely (sp.) or algea in the polyps. it should regai nthe color after some RR.
  7. AquaMedic Ocean light pendant 70w HQI DE

    I would love to take it if the sale doesnt go threw!!!!
  8. Whats with the Yasha Haze anyway??

    well i just got a yasha, for my 5.5. 30$ not bad, beautiful goby, cant wait to get a pistol for him!!! He is allready just dancing around the tank like he owns it...
  9. 70w MH Group Buy for Pico Contest

    what so funny? lol.
  10. 70w MH Group Buy for Pico Contest

    Now that i have been looking, i might just be able to get one of these, the lamp i was going to retro the light into, plus the retro would run about the same as this hood. But, first i need to know, how much it will be total? Light+Tax+Shipping (23434) aslo, does it come with the hanging things? Are there any legs you can get for it?
  11. 70w MH Group Buy for Pico Contest

    yes, DR. lamp throws in the UV shield, and he will swicthc the bulbs. http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/showthread...20&pagenumber=1
  12. So i would be able to unatach the wire to the ballast, thread it through the lamp neck, then reattach it to the ballast?
  13. Someone Order These

    i have heard bad things about both of them, i have heard of them picking at coals, na da few other things.
  14. I have a question about this rerto, I plan to put it into a desk lamp (the desk lamp was made for a 150 watt mh bulb, so it will be able to take the heat) i plan to gut the lamp and put the retro in it, but i will be running the cord through the lamp neck, but my question is, is the crod that connects the reflector/lamp to the ballast, removable? I need to be able to take the cord and put it through the lamp neck and then attach it to the ballast? Is this possible with this retro?
  15. 70w MH Group Buy for Pico Contest

    I would totally be in for one of these, but i can olny spend like 150 so im gonna have to go for the retro form http://www.illuming.com/ its a great retro, with ellectronic baLLAST. Now if the price of the ocean light was 150, i would deffinately be in!!!! (any one want to give me about $50) lol j/k