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  1. How many aquariums do you have?

    Currently 3 (thinking about a 4th though) 2.5g 10g 65g
  2. WTB Xenia in Northern NJ

    I am in RI. Got any zoos to trade? Even if you dont, I will hook you up if you want to take the ride. Stuff grows like crazy in my tank.
  3. RI Reef Guys 10

    No one thought those pics were cool?
  4. Bung's New Tank

    Welcome, and best of luck!
  5. RI Reef Guys 10

    here are a couple of cool macro shots I got by holding a magnifying glass up to the lens of my Sony DSC-s85.
  6. RI Reef Guys 10

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...ssPageName=WDVW Not sure if this is the same seller, but this is the light. The only thing I am not crazy about is that the moonlight leds are white (instead of blue). Gives it a cool shimmery look, but I still think I would prefer blue. Other than that, awesome light for a 10g.
  7. RI Reef Guys 10

    Thanks! Light came from Ebay.
  8. RI Reef Guys 10

    Couple of additions too... 1 Turbo 4 Astria (sp?) 2 more Blue Legs Xenia (2 frags fell off the day I brought it home) both have attached to different rocks 2 New Shrooms and a few zoas
  9. RI Reef Guys 10

    Haven't posted an update in a while, so here ya go. Tank has been up for 4 months. Plenty of algae, but generally pleased with the progress. Let me know what ya all think.
  10. AC500 Fuge with Pics

    Anyone have the dimensions of the ac500? I currently have a 10g with a prizm dlx skimmer and a penguin 170 hob filter. They take up the whole back of the tank. I want to replace the 170 with a modded ac500 fuge but I dont think it will fit. Also, I am thinking the 170 is too small to make in to a fuge. Thoughts?
  11. square one?

    Why no live sand? Just wondering (please dont read this as a dig, really just curious)
  12. RowaPhos

    I do. I just put some in. The directions state that one small bottle teats 50g or something. I put a 1/3 of it in to a mesh bag in my prizm dlx. As I understand it, you can not put too much in. The more that you put in the less frequently you will have to change it. Supposedly it will not leech PO4 back in to the water it will just stop absorbing at some point. Algae seems to be going down =)
  13. Cleaning Live Rock

    How long has the tank been up? I am having some probs with algae right now too. The thing about algae is that it is growing for a reason (namely phosphates, nitrates, too much light, etc) The trick is to find this cause then the problem will go away. Check out this thread: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/showthread...&threadid=11652 and you may also want to read some of the stuff on the refugium. Dont get me wrong, I am a total noob (see algae problem above).. lol But I think that the best advice I have found here, was to read as much as I can. Good luck
  14. Biggest Newbie Mistake?

    Rushing. Not waiting long enough for the cycle. Not researching. But it may not have even happend yet
  15. nanocube auto top-off?

    I am using a little dripper on my 10g http://www.petco.com/search/mercado_search...=little+dripper You should be able to snake that hose in there somewhere. The only prob is that it depends on gravity so it has to be above the tank. Check out the "MY TANK" link to see a pic of my setup (kinda ghetto, but it works!)