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  1. i have crabs

    WTB 150w or 250w Metal Halide

    I have a 250W aqua medic DE metal halide. Let me know if you are interested and I will send more detailed specs/pricing/pics.
  2. I have this light available for sale. Price is firm. It is the 30" version for a 20 gallon long aquarium. I have attached a link to a retail site for product info. You can also see the actual light as it appeared on MY tank before I tore it down. It is $90 and can be either shipped, or picked up in Irvine, CA. PM me with zip code and I will get you the shipping cost. 30 inch light info
  3. i have crabs

    FREE Live rock in Irvine

    It has been picked up.
  4. i have crabs

    FREE Live rock in Irvine

    Pending pickup
  5. i have crabs

    FREE Live rock in Irvine

    I have some live rock (maybe 15lbs) and a mushroom coral rock that that I will give free to a good home, the only catch is that it must be picked up today (Sunday) before noon. I cannot hold it longer than that.
  6. i have crabs

    FS: SPS, Candy cane, zoas, leather and mushrooms

    No problem man. Good luck and let me know if you need any help. To everyone else, the mushroom rock is still available.
  7. I have some live rock for sale. Approx 15lbs. It is $2.00 per pound. PM me if interested. I have to get rid of it before Friday.
  8. Everything can be picked up in Placentia, Ca 92870. it is near Fullerton in Orange County. $20 - Branching rock with approx 15 polyps of green zoas with orange centers, and approx 15 various mushrooms. The next two pictures are of the SAME rock, just different angles. $5 - Orange cap frag These pieces have browned out a little since being in PC lighting, but will turn orange under better lights. $5 - Green zoas with orange skirt Approx 10+ polyps.
  9. I have 30lbs of aragonite sand for sale for $20. Pickup can be made in either Placentia or Irvine. I only needed 20 lbs for my tank so the rest has never been used. I will ship if anyone wants, it will just be whatever the shipping cost comes to for 30lbs to your zip code from 92870. Local pick up available as well. PM me if interested.
  10. i have crabs

    pics of my nano

    Very nice!
  11. i have crabs

    NAL's 20L

    Very nice setup! Is the remora picking anything up yet?
  12. i have crabs

    My 50Gal Reef & Stuff

    Hows the tank coming along? Any new pics or info?
  13. i have crabs

    Fish question

    I don't normally like doing this, but RC might be a better place to find info on large fish.
  14. i have crabs

    algae control help

    I looks like diatom to me. Usually normal in new tanks. Hermits may help.
  15. i have crabs

    Emerald Crabs and algae &other food

    It has been said that xenia will survive anything!