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  1. Wow! Congrats on the totm! It's been a while since I've visited nano-reef. Going to go read through the entire thread now
  2. Torches

    I've had the one on the left for a while (earlier pics in my gallery)
  3. Baby Plates

    The original mother plate coral died. These babies are a last resort method of it trying to stay alive.
  4. Yellow Torch

    yes it does have the green and pink
  5. Yellow Torch

    Indo torch
  6. My new brain

    its an acanthophyllia deshayesiana... very nice
  7. "Flower" Power

    NICE pic!
  8. Happy Endingz colony FS

    I listed the price for a reason. It wasnt for bashing. If you want your 10 dollar acans be my guest I've bought enough to know the difference between a cheap acan, and one that holds color for years. thank you and have a nice day. mods can close this thread, jjjo
  9. I have a full colony of randyo's happy endingz acan for sale. 600 dollars plus shipping. about 12-14 polyps. older photo recent (didnt set white balance so color is wayyyy off i can get a new shot if needed. -dan
  10. 17g Green Leaf Rimless

    One of my LFS!!!
  11. he proves hes high as a kite, and musta been "stumbleupon" firefox and ran into some cool graphs. he then proceeded to come to NR, and post away
  12. 12in Rimless Eye-candy Cube

    Thanks all. I am moving a lot of stuff over into a 12 inch rimless cube tank. I currently havn't figured out lighting yet. I will be drilling the aquarium and using a small sump to hide equipment. This will be an LPS/Zoa tank, until i get the inevitable SPS bug again. Thanks for looking, jjjo