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  1. I have a used Red Sea Prizm Hang on Back Protein Skimmer with the upgrade kit. The skimmer is rated for a tank >40gallons. The upgrade kit includes a surface skimmer and media basket. If you don't have an overflow in your system, you'll appreciate the surface skimmer. It attaches to the inlet pipe using a tie strap, but its still adjustable and works fine. $50 shipped
  2. Copepods in AC 70 Fuge

    I just pulled the inlet pipe off of the intake. It sits about 1/4" above the impeller and that slowed the flow a lot.
  3. This subject has been beaten to death on every single aquarium related website on the net. Just search for it. By the way, I think all of the other threads were closed because of the arguments and personal attacks. The bottom line as I remember it is this: The algae scrubber is supposed to grow turf algae. This type of algae is supposed to use up more phosphate and nitrate than cheato and a DSB in a refugium. Most people argue that the algae scrubbers cannot replace all of the other filtration we use, but that it has its own benefits. It's an old method that Santa Monica has perfected and apparently works better because he's cleaning half of the turf algae off of the screen every week or so. He removes the screen and rinses off the turf algae to prevent the yellow water effect these scrubbers are known for. I think the old method had you cleaning the screen off above your sump or something. Anyway, I'll have a HOB refugium but I'll try to use one of these as a supplement. I added small screens to the outputs of my HOB filter and my HOB skimmer and they're starting to grow junk on them. It's been about a week and I've seen no benefits yet. That was my idea for a super-tiny scrubber.
  4. Mantis Shrimp are tasty!

    Wow, now I'm really interested in these guys. I knew they were fast and had specialized eyes, but I didn't know to what extent they've actually evolved. Very interesting, and thank you for dumbing it down for me. The videos were excellent. Would I eat it, sure. I have to admit that it might feel eating a pet. My mother has a lamp made out of a sea urchin, and that kind of ticked me off. I've had a pet urchin. On a side note, why do some people feel the need to correct the comments of others? Most of us really don't care about the polarized light issue nor usage of the term vapor. It should have been debated privately in PMs. Why not argue over the amount of time it took Spock to digest and pass a grapefruit in episode #216? Let's just stay on topic.
  5. Starfish are the only things the harlequins will eat. You've got to have a steady supply for them. I read somewhere that you can let the shrimp eat a limb off the starfish, then remove the starfish and let it heal. The limb will regenerate. Another starfish could be used to feed while the limb grows back. Hmm, maybe I wouldn't want to have a few starfish live just to lose limbs to feed the shrimp. They look really cool though!!
  6. Mantis Shrimp? Seahorses? Harlequin Shrimp? I'm finally getting a bigger tank set up, so I'd like to get something really cool for my 10g. Making the tank specific for a single species isn't a problem. What's the neatest inhabitant I can put in there? Pics with your replies would be great.
  7. In my experience, you can usually get an entire setup for less than half of what it cost the original purchaser to set up, maybe even 25% of what they paid. If you want to do your own thing and piece things together, you can usually save half off retail prices by buying used stuff from other reefers.
  8. YGPM oh nevermind, its too long for my application
  9. CPR Aquafuge Medium For Sale- $50

    I'll take it. You have a PM.
  10. nova extreme 24" 4x24

    I ordered that same light from petmountain and mine has already been shipped. I guess I can plan on getting the old model and returning it. I wanted this one: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod...fm?pcatid=16770
  11. 2 power compact fixtures

    interested in the orbit fixture if its still available. you have pm
  12. small CPR HOB Aquafuge for sale, $50 shipped to the US. measures 13.5" x 4.5" x 12" no pump please reply AND pm if interested
  13. koden's 4 gallon custom

    Another option might be to move the light back farther. It looks like it almost overhangs the front. You really don't need to light up the front, top of the acrylic do you? Of course, I don't know how much of a difference that will make. It looks a lot better with the locline in the back, nice work.
  14. 12" CPR Fuge

    PAID. Thanks in advance.
  15. 12" CPR Fuge

    It will happen, I just don't want to sign into my paypal account from a pc at work. I'll be making the payment early tomorrow morning when I get home.