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  1. say hello to my lil friend
  2. frags from B16A2NR 5-5-05
  3. frags from B16A2NR
  4. 20g High, frags of kenya tree, xenia, and 5 kinds of zoas.
  5. frags from B16A2NR, right after acclimating, already opening
  6. urchin in my 20, these things destroy coral, or so I'm told
  7. a little better, but not much
  8. not lookin so good
  9. LFS lent me an urchin for my algae troubles. Only 1 xenia frag, no other corals in tank. Xenia on top of PH, hah.
  10. sideshot of fuge w/ light, heater, and phosphate pad
  11. aquavase 7w pc light marineland dual-temp 100w 8" heater
  12. dude, is that a griessingei goby? Thats $300 in 2 fish, u got huge marbles.