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  1. Free Live Rock

    Just shut down my last nano tank. Roughly 6 pounds of live rock from the tank (2/3 of a two gallon bucket). Free for pick up. I live just north of Cincinnati, Ohio. Please message me if you are interested.
  2. Mantis to the first

  3. Mantis to the first

  4. Mantis to the first

    one who wants it. I found the little guy about two weeks ago and got lucky tonite when I spotted his beady eyes staring at me from a hole in a rock on top of my display. Grabbed the rock and dropped into a bucket of salt water. He's about 1" to 1 1/4" long. The only catch is you have to pick him up. I live just north of Cincinnati so hopefully someone in central Ohio is looking for a mantis. See attached photo. First response gets it.
  5. 20g of solid starfire sexiness

    That frame looks great. 2 x 4's and dry wall screws make the world go round!
  6. Who buys there RO/D! water from culligan machines?

    Try your local Walgreens. They use to sell a meter made by Zerowater in the drinking water filters section, but have discontinued carrying the brand. You might be available to find one in the "bargin bin" shelf in the store. Most likely you'll have to look yourself as nobody in the store seemed to know what I was talking about. I got mine about a month ago for $3.99. If not, I believe Target carries them now, but they are about $40.00.
  7. Setting up a 9002

    Yes. Mine is very quiet. Highly recommend.

    Start a campfire in the tank. Feed (the fire) continuously to maintain temperature.
  9. IMG_4181_2

    Styrofoam holding up your mangroves?
  10. Some pictures I took at the zoo

    Nice Apis Mellifera!! I especially like how you can see the pollen baskets.
  11. plant id - help! it's taking over!

    Probably at the current rate it is spreading. Since it's contained on one rock, try and address it now before the problem gets worse. Can you pull out the rock and remove it manually?
  12. Remodeling at Reef Chicks Coral Kitchen

    Hey, your kitchen looks like mine .
  13. ACETEMINOPHORS, good guys or bad?

    Do a google search. You'll find all the information you need.
  14. Yardboy's Jetties Nano

    Fascinating tank thread. I'll follow intently from here on out. My wife thinks I'm crazy for sitting in front of my tank and 'just watching", but it's amazing how often you'll get rewarded for your patience. Sometimes it can be hard to slow down and just look, but good things usually happen.
  15. My snail died :( I thought I was ready

    Snails are sensitive to water quality changes. Any change, whether from bad to good or good to bad can affect them. I had a hard time when I first started keeping them alive. Figured they were "just" snails and must be hardy. Just remember to make any changes in your system slowly.