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  1. astrea snails?

    I'm looking to order some astrea snails online. Does anybody know where I can get them at a good price?
  2. I have a 20H display tank, a 20L refugium and a 5.5 sump. They are all connected with PVC pipes. The sump is the lowest, the display tank is above the sump and the refugium is above both the display and sump. So, there all stack up. The display tank has an hang-on overflow and drains fine. However my refugium has been drilled and has a 3/4" PVC drain. It drains with gravity. I recently put a vent on it to help it drain faster but have not seen much of a change. There is plenty of water flow in each tank and both of them drain fine. However, now that I have added this vent onto my refugium when ever I fill up my sump the refugium does not drain right and ends up overflowing. I don't understand how the water level in the sump affects the draining/water level in the refugium. Have any of you experienced this problem?
  3. anemone help?!

    Oh yeah I have recently seen mandarinfish price at $40 these fish are not worth more than $20 in many cases. And the worse one yet, those big red legged yellow spotted hermits sometimes called Pacman hermits. I once seen them price at $36.99, up in Chicago. This hermit is bought for $2.50 and is not worth more than $5. Thats something like 1500% markup. Choke me alive. I about hit the floor when I seen the price tag on it.
  4. anemone help?!

    Oh screw that. That business sucks. They mis-informed you and now you have to pay for their mistake. I would be more than happy to give them a peice of my mind. That store should give you full store credit if the anemone lives through the acclimation. I worked at a LFS and I was not one of those idiots who said something just to make a sale. If I did not know the answer I did not know. I hate it when people lie and simply mis-inform others. You guys need to watch out for pet stores that do this to you. I would not do business with them. I have done business with many different pet stores and I find that your single owner "Mom and Pop" stores are the best at satisfying the customer. Most of these businesses understand the importance of satisfying the customer unlike your typical LFS that is ran by a bunch of mindless teenagers. Also, let me stress this real quick when ever I run into a LFS I NEVER PAY FULL PRICE FOR LIVESTOCK. The mark up on livestock is outrageous. In most cases its atleast 100% and in some cases 200% and even 300%. Like I said I use to work for a LFS and I did the fish order. Watch out for what I say is highway robbery. Here are some examples: turbo snail at $4 should not be anymore than $2, false percula clown at $24 should be no more than $16, yellow polyps and most zoos at $40 even $50 should be no more than $20, blue legged hermits at $3 that should only be a $1, that list goes on and on it much much worse with hard corals. Watch out for these high prices. Never pay full price and always shop around.
  5. Finding Hermie

    I would not tear the tank up to find him. If he does not turn up hes simply MIA and you'll have to replace him. Perhaps, a mantis shrimp got him.
  6. Day one razzle dazzle

    Let me get this straight its day one and you already have a $10 electric blue hermit crab in the tank. How much did you pay for him? Thats pretty risky and mean.
  7. I just purchased a Maroon Yellow striped clownfish. Before I took him home I observed him for a good 20 minutes. He was real aggressive, punctual, he ate, has no diseases, but does have a roughed up right fin. So, for the most part a perfectly healthy fish. I acclimated him to my 10 gallon for about 2 hours. In the acclimation bucket he was still his feisty self. After he enter the tank his behavior was kind of odd. The first night he would not leave the upper right corner. The next morning he started swimming along the back wall. Hopefully, he will start swimming everywhere. I know there is a period of time where he adjust to his surroundings so I am not to worried about where he swims. I was thinking about getting another one and putting him in the same tank. This way they could be "friends." I understand these are schooling fish so I figured a buddy would get him to explore the tank a little bit and add to the enjoyment of being cramped into a small house. I heard they may fight if I added another to the tank. Has anyone had any success in matching two maroon yellow striped clowns that to your knowledge had no other previous mate? Should I be worried about them fighting or just roll the dice and hope everything works out?
  8. How were you first introduced to nano reefs?

    I started working at a local fish store and before I knew it I was spending all the money they gave me at my work. Entire pay checks go do the drain regularly. I told my boss that I'll work for coral. LOL.
  9. Water Params Question

    Yep, sounds good. The Ammonia should come down as your Nitrites start to raise. Next the Nitrates will come up as your Nitrites go down. Then your on the back stretch. All you should have to do is regular water changes and perhaps add some plants.
  10. caulerpa eaters?

    I've got some grape/bubble and feather caulerpa going wild in my tank. There is just so much it taking over the tank. I am about to start cutting it out and throwing it away. Does anyone know of any fish or critters I can get that will eat this stuff?
  11. i miss my tank

    Oh yeah I didn't mention that I am a college student thats why I had to leave my tank.
  12. i miss my tank

    Yeah, I got the same deal. I setup my reef tank and had to leave it in my dad's hands. He knows very little about it and I had to give him a crash course on tank maintenance and general knowledge. I call him everyweek to make sure the tank is alright and that he does the weekly water change. One time I was on the phone talking him throught the water change and I could here a waterfall. I got disconnected because water got all over the phone. Gallons and gallons of water overflowed from the tank and was on the floor. I could no believe it. I called my dad back and was cursing you god damn beep, beep, beep. How the beep did you beep let that happen. Beep, beep, beep. I swear to god i was going to have a heart attack. I could just see my livestock drowning in the air. I was thinking man I'm an idiot I left my $1200 reef tank in the hands of my dad. I'll tell you that was one sleepless night.
  13. i want to help this coral

    Wow, that is a tremendous turn around!!!
  14. Abreviations

    he is a page at reef central: http://www.reefcentral.com/modules.php?s=&...s&eid=2&ltr=all
  15. whats this?

    Looks like an anemone of some sort.