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  1. Bobalouy's 20L

    Cool new macro that poped up
  2. What is THiS?!

    I've had a few of them in my tanks. Pretty sure its some type of macro algae
  3. Mr. Evil Crab

    He's bad ass looking
  4. Bobalouy's 20L

    There are about 30 babies on that rock, I need to get them off so they can actually grow out.
  5. Will chaeto last unlit for a week or so?

    The cheato should be fine without light. I would check stores like walmart,target,ect. for those little 13w compact florecent desklamps. They usually have the color temperature printed on the base of the bulb. I got a lamp with 5600k blub at JoAnne fabrices on clearance for like $6.
  6. Bobalouy's 20L

    Thanks guys! Here are some pics of the yumas, they are orange/blue/green They drop babies like crazy, I am going to start fraging them out to pay for some new livestock.
  7. Bobalouy's 20L

    Click on the link to my old nanocube in my sig, there should be some good close ups there.
  8. Bobalouy's 20L

    Well its probably been over a year since I posted any pics of my tank. I really lost the motivation, I was doing water changes every once in a while and that was about it. It became overrun by cyano, and lost a lot of corals. So I am trying to get motivated again, during a tank move I removed all the sand. And I have been doing weekly 10 gallon water changes. The last of the hair algae seems to be dieing off and things are starting to look good again. I am hoping that starting a thread will help keep me going. I haven't messed around with any aquascaping yet. Livestock: 3 Astrea snails. Surviving Corals Orange Ricordia Red Mushrooms Green Button Polyps Some random Zoos
  9. It depends alot on how much water you are trying to put through it. You can also put a ball valve on the drain line so you can slow the falling water down some.
  10. Is my DI resin done?

    As long as you have a refillable DI chamber you should be able to use any. I have been looking at http://www.airwaterice.com for replacement supplies.
  11. Is my DI resin done?

    Its some ebay brand, I forget. I think I am going to go a head a replace everything with better filters and resin. Propagator- when I mount the DI vertically should the input be up or down? How about the RO should I mount that vertically? Also it has that 6th stage of carbon (for taste), should I just get rid of that?
  12. Is my DI resin done?

    It was that color when I got it, but I could have sworn the thing was full. I have had it for about a year but I only use about 5-10 gallons a week. Up until I moved it the unit was kind of hidden so I never really noticed it before. I'll probably just replace it either way since I have been having algae problems.
  13. Is my DI resin done?

    Hey guys its been a while posting, I recently moved, and I also moved my RO/DI unit to a more visible place and I noticed that my DI Resin was half empty is this normal or do I need to replace it?
  14. Hiding a pump inside a internal overflow box.

    You could put a ball valve on the pump output line so you can fine adjust it. Also remember that any evaporation is going to show in that overflow, you may want to add an ATO so you pump doesnt run dry.
  15. My latest invention - The Cheato Tumbler!

    yeah sorry those pics suck, maybe this will help