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  1. Hey Chris? That Piccolo isn't for your 25 is it? if so you will be dissapointed they are suitable for 0-10 gallon tanks I would say anything larger and you need a bigger skimmer I am afraid. GL, Toy
  2. Hey, Mine produces black junk when I have the collection cup flush with the back of my whisper HOB. If I had to guess it would be about halfway submerged. Also I tried this skimmer with a small airpump and it works much better with a biggun. I am running a profile 4000 with one of the dual outputs closed off (Unless I am hatching Baby brine for my bangers). I also us coralife stubby stones instead of others they fit perfectly and seem to make the smallest bubbles. HTH, Toy
  3. Theres a close up of mine about 6 months ago in my seven bow. Toy
  4. I turn my 7gal bow 30X I have 2x 55W PC's on it Toy
  5. Ice probe chiller $85 Take your size tank(10-15gal) down 10 degrees or so. You will need a dependable heater to controll it in case it gets too cool. I have used them on several nano's now for clients and they are great little machines. Peace, Toy
  6. This is how I do it. http://toyfreek.curvedspaces.com/id20.htm Always works for me. GL, Toy
  7. Since you stated you already have the WD laying around cut out the middle and use it as a sump, but you could sell it and buy many 10-20 gal allglass tanks for the same price. It's up to you do the DIY and throw away the WD later, or Sell it to a FO guy/gal and buy a bare tank with beer money to spare. GL, Toy
  8. I started a prop page but forgot my password but the first two are still up you can use it iffin you wanna. Http://Toyfreek.curvedspaces.com HTH, Toy
  9. "Ok I think I have it now. You hook that tube up to the intake of the PH and adjust the flow for skimming etc. Now doesn't that just suck the scum form surface into the PH to get blowed out into tank? Seems best to have a HOB so that trash water gets filtered, correct?" I don't use any other filter than rock and sand so in effect, it is going to the filter (the rock and sand). I wouldn't use filter media with an overflow, this is exactly what J. Sprung and C Delbeek warn against in The Reef Aquarium Vol. 1 with the use of bio-balls or Bio-Wheels, the amino acids and particulate organic materials from the surface scum turns to nitrate immediately when introduced to such media (including sponges and filter media) in an oxygen rich high flow enviroment. This is why people say Bio-balls are nitrate factories. I can understand how you would think that way though, seems just wrong I know. HTH, Toy
  10. I couldn't find the Lees version online, but these are all the same. The flexible tube runs to the draw on your PH, there is an adjustable flow regulater on the riser portion of the overflow, turn this counterclockwise to increase draw, counter to decrease flow from the overflow. it then draws some water from the overflow and some from the bottom of the riser tube. I have never used a cannister always used a HOB or PH. they work great and they are easy. Toy
  11. like I said before they use any drawing water source...ie. a powerhead, canister, HOB etc. HTH, Toy
  12. here's some links: http://shop.store.yahoo.com/worldpets/fluvsurskim.html http://www.oscarent.com/productspages/surf...aceskimmer.html http://www.geocities.com/myfishtank2001/skimmer.htm HTH, Toy
  13. keep your freekin hands outta the tank. there is no such thing as too much light. a toothbrush strapped to a chopstick is your best friend. water change, waterchange or water-change, whatever just do it. fish really do not eat that much. creepy crawleys are usually good, if they aren't you will know it. big snails suck. read, read, read. adding chemicals is rarely the answer. Dave will flame you iffin you are stupid. search BEFORE asking. HTH, Toy
  14. A much easier and cleaner way of ridding yourself of surface scum, is to buy a Lee's surface skimmer, I have heard that Kent makes one as well but I have never seen one. They cost about $15 and they hook up to any drawing water source (like a HOB or a Powerhead) they work great. GL, Toy
  15. Hi Guys, Between school and work I have only had time to be a part time lurker. I am on spring break for 10 days, so I am taking it easy and checking out the boards a little. TC, Toy
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