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  1. 365 day photo project

    I may give the one second a day thing a go this year.
  2. Nate's New photo thread!

    You've got some $$$ shots on your flickr page. Added you as a contact.
  3. andykee's pics

    Thanks guys Yeah, it's a great focal length for me. I hardly use anything longer than 35mm anymore. My 24-70 has been on the shelf for over a year - ever since I got the 17-40 and 35/1.4 combo. I've been meaning to sell the brick and re-add one of the 70-200's to my lineup, just haven't gotten around to it. Nah, those were all literally shot from the hip. I'm still pretty uncomfortable with getting in stranger's faces to shoot them so I was all incognito for those shots. No framing, no planning, just open the zoom all the way up and squeeze a few off. I'm not sure I'd call any of them real successes - more like slightly above average mistakes
  4. Planetarium

    I dig the black borders.
  5. andykee's pics

    Park City + early November = snow. All made with the 5D + 35/1.4 Michaela by andykee, on Flickr Michaela by andykee, on Flickr Michaela by andykee, on Flickr Michaela by andykee, on Flickr
  6. Messing around with new camera.

    kazooie: perpetually holier than thou
  7. Camera gear storage

    How does everyone do it? I'm looking for a better solution than what I have right now, which is: spread out across three shelves in my closed, commingled with random computer gear and several dozen bottles of aging beer. EDIT: just to clarify, I am really looking for suggestions about home storage (i.e. not in the field). To those of you who suggested backpacks, is this your home storage method?
  8. andykee's pics

    Went to NYC. Forgot to bring enough color film..
  9. Kazooie's Alaska Photographery

    dude srsly, you need help
  10. Hummingbirds

    Which flash did you use?
  11. andykee's pics

    Figures, the only one I took while NOT standing in the middle of nowhere
  12. andykee's pics

    Yosemite with the GF, all with the NEX-5n & kit lens: Matthes Crest, Yosemite National Park by andykee, on Flickr Cathedral Peak, Yosemite National Park by andykee, on Flickr Meadow above Cathedral Pass, Yosemite National Park by andykee, on Flickr Glacier Point Classic, Yosemite National Park by andykee, on Flickr The Falls, Yosemite National Park by andykee, on Flickr Boots by andykee, on Flickr
  13. Kazooie's Alaska Photographery

    Get closer. Distance to subject also has an impact on depth of field.