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  1. Awesome!! Thanks for your response. I actually found some wooden wine boxes that are the exact dimensions of my 10 so I may retrofit my lights. I've also built a bunch of Diy moonlight strips that I can include in the canopy with like 4 LEDs. Anway...now I'm thinking (before I really get cooking) is drilling my 29G tank and creating a sump out of my 10. Regardless, thanks for your response!! It was very helpful
  2. Coralife 24" Aqualight Power Compact Strip Light- 2X36 Watt Does anybody have any experiences with this light on a 10g? Will it allow me to grow soft and hard corals that require moderate to high light? I saw the 96W quad at big als, but it was a retrofit kit, so I thought this may be easier to buy an actual strip then to invest in building a canopy for the 10. Also, is the new Nano Cube DX a good purchase with it's 2 24W lights in the hood? I'm figuring I can either buy a nice light for my 10g or spend the money on a Nano Cube DX . I still don't like the all black background on it though. But, as a nano-reef system, does the new cube offer the hobbyist a better environment for raising hard and soft corals. I guess what I'm saying is how much better do people think it is when compared to the original one with just the single light. I know that the delux has fans in it, but do these tanks get very hot? One more question (I've got thousands of them, and I apologize if this was already posted before in this forum) If I went with the coralife on my 10g with an Aquaclear 300 filter and an additional powerhead, would I have to tweak my water paramaters, or pay attention to them more because of the higher amount of light over the tank. I keep a lot of freshwater planted tanks, but having 7.0 WPG over a 10g freshwater planted tank would spell disaster if I didn't monitor my phosphate and nitrate levels and dose continually...Make sense? In other words, what effects do high amounts of light have on salt water tanks and the aquatic life in there. Would I have to take the same approach as I do towards freshwater plants with the marine life in my tank, or does High amounts of light over a tank just mean- high amounts of light and improved growth for more difficult types of corals. Hope I'm making sense. Thank you in advance for your replies.
  3. Hey Cesar, Thanks for the quick reply. I guess my concern was the water movement created by the 330 in a tank as small as a 10g. But I have a spare lefto ver AC300 as well. Should I run both? The main Choice I have to make (money in mind) is wheter to convert my 10g to a marine aquarium using the filter, powerhead, tank that I already have. Or get a 12G Nano cube. Which do you think will be more efficient. I'm sure they all have their pros and cons. There are 2 specific things that I don't like about the nano. 1) I don't like that the background it black. I would rather have blue for a marine aquarium (yes, wicked picky) 2) I'd be concerned that my cat may claw the heck out of the accrylic. My cat loves to polish the glass on my 38g planted so my main concern would be that his claws would scratch the tank. If I do go 10G instead of the Nano, I'lll look into the 96W powerquad. Will that be too much light for me to handle at first. I know a lot about lights with planted tanks and run 110W 6700K on my 29G and 38G planted and can keep up with the growth of the plants with my supplemental co2 and macro and micro fertlizers. However, with lights on marine systems, is there any specific rule of thumb that should be applied....I'll search the site here. I've got lots to keep me busy. Fat Guy
  4. First off, Wonderful Site!! I've got an old 10G all glass and I was wondering if I could use my emperor 330 on the tank for filtration or would that be too much? I'm a definite Marine Noob and was going to throw a power head in there as well. I'm going to take the setup very slowly. I'm more of a freshwater aquatic gardener, and I've wanted to go marine for quite some time. So I thought, why not try a nano reef. I guess, to help with my filtration question, I should start with what I would like to keep: Ideally, I want to keep a starfish (if I have enough space for one), soft corals, a turbo snail, a coral shrimp, and a small marine fish... I'm going to retrofit my 10g with a 50/50 pc setup. I've already built a DIY moonlight with 4 high intensity LEDs, so I'm excited to use them on a reef tank. I read the word fuge while I was searching the site. Will I need to do that to my filter. Also, and I'm sure this has been asked many times, but how important is a protein skimmer in a 10g setup like the one that I am shooting for? I look forward to your responses. Than you in advance, Fat Guy