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  1. CelticFaerie

    My Tank Is A Mess Please Help...

    If you don't mind grasses you caqn get some calurpa and plant ot over to in the corner of the tank. It will help slow the growth of the micro algae by reducing its nutrient source. also astera snails will eat on the slime on the glass. A blue leg or two will pick up any of the pellets that your fish miss. I would be careful with the red stuff on the rocks you can mauually groom it but then little pieces will break off and plant elsewere making a total nightmare.
  2. CelticFaerie

    Starfish and bristle worms

    forr* should read food Don't ask it is earily
  3. CelticFaerie

    Starfish and bristle worms

    i caugth my big one with a new when the came all the way out of the rocks to eat. i left the little ones they dont hurt any thing. The big one way as big around as my little finger and about 12 inches long. As far as feeding with the stars. I would luer the worm out of the rocks and give him enough to eat first adn then I would hand each of my serpents thier dinner. Both of my serpents will come out to me and take forr from my fingers. However i trained them using a pair of plastic tweezers and handing it to them in the rocks first. (I wasnt sticking my fingers in there with that great big worm)
  4. CelticFaerie

    Two dwarf angels in one tank

    From my personal expirence i find angels to be rather territorial. I had a cherub angel and aboout 2 weeks later they got a royal gramma. this is is a 20 H. all they did was fight with each other . The Cherub strutted the tank and the gramma stayed in his whole the whole time. Maybe if you get them young and at the same time you might have a chance but I think that it is a slim one.
  5. CelticFaerie

    Removal of fish

    some thing tells me that if you catch the damsel with bleach that you might as well scrap the other stuff in the tank.
  6. CelticFaerie

    Red macro algae problem

    I planted the calurpa in there since it seems to slow the growth of the red stuff. and it is easier to comtrol as it growsplus the little hitchhiker crabs that I have like it and groom it for me. I am warly of putting a tang in my tank because of his adult size I would rather put something in there that won't out grow the tank. I'll probabally look into getting a turbo this weekend.
  7. CelticFaerie

    Removal of fish

    Try chasing after him next time you do a water shange unless he gois into hiding. One there will be less water in the tank adn two as things get stirred up a bit it might confuse him some.
  8. CelticFaerie

    My Tap Water Experiment.

    You may also want to consider what you pipes are made out of some older house may have copper pipes, and copper can be devistating for your inverts however it will keep Ich away.
  9. CelticFaerie

    up gradeing from my ten

    Sorry that is a height difference.
  10. CelticFaerie

    up gradeing from my ten

    AGA has a 15H with the demensions 20x10x18
  11. CelticFaerie

    Red macro algae problem

    The problem with the dark bucket idea is that I would have to put the whole tank in it. I will look into the turbo but do I have to get one that is at least golf bakk size can I get a good size one that is a bit smaller. and what will he eat when he runs out. furthermore will the turbo destroy my calurpa?
  12. CelticFaerie

    Red macro algae problem

    Yes it is that cotton like stuff. i have been removing it by hand at the tune of a bowlful 1-2X weekly. The problem is it started out localized and every time I mowed it down little fragments went and planted themselves in other locations. I even had to replace my powerheads because the stuff was growing out of it so thick. I have added some calurpa and that seems to retard its growth a little however I need some sort of biological combatant in the system to keep it groomed. It is getting to where it is starting to hurt my corals. It eve has my brain receding. here is a pick of the stuff. 2 days after I pruned it down to the rock.
  13. CelticFaerie

    Missing Wrasse

    Dogs are strange in what they eat I have one that will push the peas that are in the dog food off of her plate and another that if you don't watch closly will clean out the kitty box for you.
  14. CelticFaerie

    trippy 2.5

    Love the black sand.
  15. CelticFaerie

    Red macro algae problem

    Ok sicne I HAD a mantis who ate my entire cleaner crew I am in the process of getting everything back in working order. I just moved the tank for the second time in it's lifecycle and have assured that there is no mantis. However I have an abundance of the red hairry macro algae that i cull back about once a week. My tank is a 20H and has mostly shrooms, rics, zoo's, gsp, and a mall frogspawn, blue leg hermits, astreas, and nass snails. What would be a good fish/invert choice that would eat at the red stuff? The Blue Legs pick at it but I don't think make much of an impact.