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  1. Freshfit's 20 Long

  2. ***StevieT's Media Rack for the RSM ***

    yup, for nanocube...
  3. Ando's 29g. Since October 08'

    how did you take the photos underwater...?
  4. ***StevieT's Media Rack for the RSM ***

    I meant skimmer
  5. ***StevieT's Media Rack for the RSM ***

    Any skimmy for a nano cube?
  6. Link's Nanocube, 12g.

    today, I discovered my Purple Haze open up... check it out and tell what do you think?
  7. UWWMatt's 25G Journal

  8. Link's Nanocube, 12g.

    guys... a promise is a promise right? Well I finally found my camera and took some photos, and yes, I know it's not as clear as your camera does, but I got the job done. I know, I know... my tank have some algae issue, but I tend to over feed my tank because I want my buddy to be full... Well tell me what do you think and see if my new guys are happy... Please tell if they are doing well because I'm having a hard time telling. These guys are from Baymac except the Green Stripe Mushroom and Ricordia. Thanks to Mathew... Green Red Polyps Montipora Cap. Does anyone know this corals nickname? Like others, Superman and Purple Haze From Left to Right. Purple Haze Montipora cap and Superman Montipora Encrusted Mother Colony of Green Stripe Mushroom and Toothless( False Percula C. Fish)
  9. NC24-150HQI-10gal Fuge

    thanks man.
  10. NC24-150HQI-10gal Fuge

    I just did... yup... hehehe can't wait. Check out my tank journal thread to see the scoop.
  11. Link's Nanocube, 12g.

    okay, all my corals are open up, except the purple haze(I'm still assuming if the circle polyps show, then it's doing well, am I on the right track?) Once I find my camera, i will take some photos. I just bought this 5watt Single Underwater light for my chaets i receive for free from out team(BAR). There is another macro in there, but I'm not sure... I think it's Caulerpa Brachypus, http://shop.mediabaskets.com/Underwater-5W...ght-5WLight.htm
  12. Link's Nanocube, 12g.

    okay... I'm assuming if the montipora corals are happy and doing well, the circle polyps come out right? Well so far, the superman to do well, but nuclear green red polyps and the purple haze haven't yet. I'm kind of worry, but then again, I just acclimated them today so results might be better in a few days. any hints would be nice...
  13. NC24-150HQI-10gal Fuge

    I'm going to buy one for my chaets....
  14. Link's Nanocube, 12g.

    Happy mothers day to everyone. !!!! I went to baymac yesterday and brought home goodies. I bought 1inch Superman, one inch Purple Haze and 1.5inch this bright nuclear green and red polyps(i don't know what it's called, maybe you guys can help me when i place in my tank with a photo. Did you guys have fun at Baymac?
  15. NC24-150HQI-10gal Fuge

    Where did you get that from? I want one.