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  1. 4x24 t5 setup

    pm sent
  2. WTT 30" 2 x 65W Coralife Fixture(no legs)

    are you willing to sell the light for cash instead of a trade? CPT.
  3. Red Hair Algae...any killers?

    and also added flow will help a great deal. CPT.
  4. Red Hair Algae...any killers?

    Besides limiting light and feeding, the only way I know how is to use red slime remover or chemi clean. CPT.
  5. Firefish

    My firefish was hidden for many days I actually thought he died because he would not come out even at feeding time then one day he popped out of his cave and is all over the place minimalist is correct get a lid b/c they will jump! CPT.
  6. What is the REAL Nano Cube Crack Rate?

    12g OG cracked june 10th new 12 from jbj in the mail hope this one isn't cracked no livestock or carpet loss CPT.
  7. Nano Cubes Suck!

    I have the 12g og cube and this week I took the hood off to clean the rear compartments. After I pulled the hood off I noticed my cube had a huge crack down the side of it. I didn't bang the side or drop anything on it. I emailed jbj and they asked me to send them a picture of the damage. Well I sent it out tonight and I am waiting for a reply. They seemed to be very plesant in there email. Hopefully I will get a replacement. I will be sure to let everyone know the outcome. Keeping my fingers crossed! CPT.
  8. JBJ Nano cube owners PLEASE

    picked the 12 because that was the only one availible at the time CPT.
  9. Do you use a protein skimmer?

    Never used one before