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  2. I didn't, someone gave it to me.
  3. Is 400w of MH over a 12" tank too much?? just a mogule type single ended bulb I figure that if it is I can mpve the light up as high as I need (the tank is in the wall). If it looses 1/2 of it's intensity each foot, i figure 12" would put me at 200w and that way more of the 48" tank will get good light. I plan on keeping a little bit of everything from acro's to shrooms. So am i going to be able to pull it off? the tank is a 33 long w a 30 galon fuge and a 30 gallon sump so im not worried about the temperature. TIA!
  4. Yeah, it may be hard to believe but I got that fish from the store because A guy who had had it for 3 years had to bring it back because it kept biting him and it finally drew blood. He is super mean though, any time I add anything new that is somewhat big (3" squared i guess) he bites it and flips it over... he did it to a dying acan the guy from the fish store gave me for about 3 days before he gave up on killing it, he prunes the caluerpa in my tank himself, he's flipped a bubble, he tried to eat a green banded goby, and I've seen him try to kill hermits that get to close. He does the same thing if I move anything, he attacks the siphon when i do waterchanges he knocked my ph into the sustrate. It is a super mean clownfish, HE TOTALLY ROCKS!! It would most definitely kill that CBS if the shrimp tried to do anything to him.
  5. the only access I have to a digital camera is borrowing a guys at work. I took it home and trried to take a picture of it but couldn't get it to focus so it would have been pointless anyways..... I did just move it thoughso I may be able to get a picture of it now.... I'll take it home again and try. for an update though I lost 1 of the olyps and the others are turning a brick red color one by one with really light green spots on them. hopefully I'll have a full recovery!!
  6. I got the fish out late last night.... when i fed the tank he came out to eat trying to be greedyand i was able to grab the fish (be that bad or good i don't care). Either way I just thought I'd let everyone know that getting bitten by a Maroon clown fish hurts a whole hell of a lot worse that getting poked and pinched by a CBS. thanks for al the responses.
  7. One of my jawfish bit the dust yeaterday, for what reason I'm not sure. Anyway, my CBS has him in one of his claws and is holding on for dear life. he's probably been munching on him now for 8 hours, and he's not making good headway with him. The problem is everytime I try to get the fish from him he runs into a hole and I can't get him without tearing apart my hole reef. Do I need to tear down the reef and get him out or just let nature take it's corse? I'm going to put carbon in the filter right now whatever I do, but I need to know if this is going to crash my tank or what...... the tank is a 20 high. thanks in advance for any help!
  8. jdav

    Help!!!! carnation coral

    I've had one for about 4 months now. it has grown 2 inches since i got it. I feed it kent microvert and phyto plex. it is happy.
  9. jdav

    Will my maroon clown destroy a small RTBA?

    i had a Gold striped maroon clown that made one move a bunch and ventually got caught in the PH.... poor guy.
  10. or any frags for that matter...... I am starting a new tank and want variety both in color and species. so I am thinking the best way to go about this is using frags that are intended for a nano tank (even though the tank is 72 gallon). I figure in the long fun I'll be a lot happier spending $15 a frag for a bunch of diffferent species instead of paying 60 or 70 dollars for a medium sized one. So any suggestions on where to order frags online? especially SPS.
  11. jdav


    they look for stuff to kill and spread there tentacles out just to hit stuff(at least mine does)...... little bastards. It's funny, but mine almost seemd like it wants to hit things. the one I got my wife though (a white one that's actually white not bleached Woot Woot) is in a 10 gallon and it does just fine with the other corals. the 10 gallon she has isn't as packed full of coral as mine is, but still it doesn't seem to spread out like mine does. the one in my tank has stung all kinds of stuff though, it's stung.... gsp, zoas, goniporia, merulina, shrooms, a bubble, It's probably stung almost 75% of the stuff in my tank. I've got him in a good spot now though where he can't really get anything ( I had to remove 5 corals to do it). Oh yeah, and hammers do the same thing. they are cool as hell though!!!!!!!!!!!! I would definately recommend getting one or maybe even two of them
  12. yeah sorry, I don't have a digital camera... I'll try to get some pics by monday. thanks for the help
  13. so I'm pretty good friends with the guy that runs my LFS and tonight he gave me an acan that has probably 14 or 15 polyps on it. He ordered two of them from somewhere, i forget where, and one of them came in pretty much dead and the other one (the one I got) came in okay. He said he didn't know to much about them and if I'd take care of it I could have it. SO, here are my issues... 1.) this thing is WHITE I mean it looks like someone poured bleach all over it STARK WHITE. Has anyone ever seen this color or is it more than likely bleached? If it is bleached what can I do for it. 2.) What Kind of special attention do acan's need? (Lighting ect.) Other than those two I'm pretty much set I think. The polyps on it are opening up and none of them have the skeleton exposed. This one looks really healthy I was just kinda worried about it's color. Any help is greatly appreciated!!! thanks in advance!!!
  14. jdav

    updated pics on a 10 gallon

    OMG I CANNOT BLEVE U GOTZ A TANG IN A TIN GALLUN!!!!!!!!! sweet tank man, love the suncoral!
  15. jdav

    100wpg 100x turnover 2.5

    this is the best picture of a nano I have ever seen. I am making it my background on my computer.