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    reef tanks,gardening,my daughter,cooking, Largemouth bass fishing, Computers, Single malt scotch, good red wine, fine micro brews
  1. Hermits fighting?

    weird....maybe mating
  2. Hermits fighting?

    toss some food in near them....that should break them up.
  3. Hob refugium

    So for copepods you will need to screen of the intake of the inlet of the pump with a sponge or something. Else the pods will get pulverized going threw the impeller.
  4. Hob refugium

    how will you light it? Why do you think you need to add a Refugium to such a small tank?
  5. Hob refugium

    Seems like it could work. Need to figure out size of the siphon tube to match what the pump can handle. What size tank?
  6. Dead GSP... it cant be..

    Sometimes, ya jus gotta leave them suckas alone and they will rebound. In 4 months you'll be complaining about how they are taken over the tank!
  7. Aiptasia or naw...?

    I have always had the best luck with peppermints if i reduce the amount of food in the tank for a few weeks. That way they focus on eating the aiptasia.
  8. Biocube 32 Bottom Trim

    It will be fine, however, like seabass pointed out, if under warranty, get a new one.
  9. Reefcleaner Rock. Now what?

    Or you could just throw it in a bucket of saltwater with a airstone, piece of raw shrimp and let nature take it course.
  10. Hmmm... I'm not sure of the next step

    Buzz is right...it's okay to start doing your changes now, but also keep testing ammonia and nitrite until they show 0.
  11. Ye Olde Times and Solana 34g Cube AIO Build

    Clean looking set up!
  12. I am going to go against the grain on this one....sorry! I see no problem in setting up the tank now. I just wouldn't put ANY livestock in it until you have ALL your equipment in place. The upside to it is the tank will cycle, without a skimmer,high flow pump,or lighting, just an air pump and stone to keep the water circulating. It will take 2-6 weeks to cycle depending on the rock you use(live or base rock..about 1.5# per gallon.). While all this is taking place do your research! What type of corals are you thinking of keeping..softies,LPS,SPS? This will determine your lighting,flow skimmer needs. As for skimmers I like the Bubble Magus Curve 7,or Reef Octopus Classic 110INT. Return pump is harder to call without knowing what your overflow looks like. Main tank flow I like the mention of the jaebo pumps, depending on the length of the tank i would go with a couple of wp-10's. For LED lighting I am hearing good things about the chinese "box" LED's off ebay but time will tell if they hold up or not.I do agree with buying quality equipment in the beginning,it WILL save you headaches down the road. REMEMBER, do your research and look at lots of examples of what you're trying to do.
  13. Hmmm... I'm not sure of the next step

    Yes....no more feeding. Check your nitrite to see if it registers, if so you are well on your way to a cycle!
  14. ^+1 check the link about half way down. http://www.xtalworld.com/Aquarium/hitchfaq.htm