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  1. That would be great Scoot!!!, the fact that im getting ready for surgery and im working on much larger tanks at the moment, just puts me in a tough spot. I offered him a refund though so lets hope you guys can get it all going now that scoot can get-ir done!
  2. there was a mess up with fedex, and they sent the package to the wrong place.... so I h ave been trying to track the package for him(hayseed) so not a new tank, just a big screw up by fedex. Thanks.
  3. Well looks like i missed a lot this weekend, I was away and have been trying to resolve an issue with fedex on one tank, well 2 issues, one has been resolved and canada should have their tank in a day or two. The other is on going though, I need to ship with another company... bc out of all the packages i think i had like 5 issues with shipping with fedex, and there is nothing diff on any of these packages all the same dims about the same size(few onces here and there bc of packing) but yet they screw it up anyways. Sorry to those 2 or 3 people that had some issues, and the 2 that were fixed im sure that things will work out .... for that one other like i said im willing to issue that refund. As much as i'd love to build you a new tank i dont know the material will arrive in time before my surgery. Although the more and more i read i shoudl only be out of work for about 1 week if that. I just have to be careful not to rip out the pins going into my shoulder and arm to hold the rotator cuff together. Thanks and hope you all have a great contest!!
  4. fml! i need to get a hold of fedex, seems there is missing paperwork for watts tank .... not one thing its another, will look into it tomorrow in the am brotha, Thanks.
  5. Doc, relax bud.... i just got on the comp, i probably clicked ont he net on my phone to check something and NR was on it. Dr. Love and watts the tanks are on their way but my silly ass cant find where i put the tracking numbers but i just membered they should be in my account.... hold one........ 938440710000046 On Schedule Sep 21, 2009Toronto, ON 938440710000053 On Schedule Sep 19, 2009KNOXVILLE, TN Bob looks great brotha!! Doc you have my email too man, so you can contact me there.... Thanks all and have a great evening, time for bed im beat!
  6. my exact thoughts all that is required in reality is 3-5X to be effective..... i think the mp10 will work out great bob. I really want to see your tank up and running!
  7. holy smokes!!!! mp10? thats going to be sick.....
  8. bob thanks for the research, great info, and def points to me having a bad maxi900 since when i ran it on the cube, it actually looked more like the 80gph pump you ran.... Thanks
  9. doclove, i am looking for your tracking tracking now, as well as watts..... might have left it in the car, but i can assure its on its way!! both of ya....
  10. Glad it arrived safe and sound .... and yea i was rushing to get the tanks out so i did not have much time to clean up the residue from polishing the tanks. Looks great!! cmon everyone post up the pics!!!
  11. sorry fellas, busy as hell today... but i will email ya the tracking numbers promise!!!! everyone has some great setups that i have seen on the threads so far! cant wait to see them all filled with water . Love i will send ya some pics later today too..... Thanks.
  12. might be a bit small, but i think it just might work. The hole size i use is 3/4" bigger than the size of the bulkhead. So for these tanks i used 1 1/4" holes, HTH
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