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  1. RO Units

    What do you mean .01 a piece?
  2. nose

    I want to be banned. Somebody please ban me!
  3. nose

    How much is a bucket of fried chicken...let's say $12. That would be 8.333 buckets of fried chicken per gun. If you sold an assault rifle, that wold be 16.6666 buckets per gun. How many pieces are in a bucket? let's say there are 10. That means if we based the return in chicken-dollars, where one gun = 83.3 pieces of fried chicken, then a piece of fried chicken would equal, roughly, a $1.20 and if people started killing each other with $1.20-fried chicken, there would be some finger-lickin'. Teach a man to trade guns for fried chicken, and he eats for a month. Teach a man to hunt his own food with a 100-chicken-dollar-gun, and he can eat so long as he finds game and bullets. I wonder if they ever thought of THAT one?
  4. nose

    Exactly, I'll bet Tom Brokaw is now a racist because he questioned Obamas addiction to cigarettes.
  5. nose

    Bumsville is 10 miles east of the Pennsylvania/Ohio border.
  6. Check out my Christmas Tree Coral!

    That's cool. How did you get that stuff to hold still?
  7. nose

    Hey, I've got a Bushmaster AR-15 on order. All I care about is that sucker Obama not banning them before I get it. After that, I really don't care what he does.
  8. nose

    I just read that California is offering $100 gift cards for each gun turned in. You can get a lot of fried chicken for $100. Great idea. I wonder if Obama thought of this?
  9. nose

    The moderators should just let me back in. Any "What's your favorite Beer" threads pop up lately? Mark me down for Bud Light Lime. Thanks.
  10. nose

    Hey, BKmadouchy! How's the lounge going?
  11. nose

    Hey Burt. I hear St. Louis named a street after the Obamination. Hussein Highway?
  12. nose

    I understand the most important one. The 69th.
  13. nose

    Who wants to bet he tinkers with the 2nd amendment in his first year?
  14. nose

    Looks like Obama can't kick the habit. Tom Brokaw was drilling him on this. I can't wait until the media turns on this sucker. Splinterhands