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  1. Hi Chris, I dont have any new photos right now. The last pic was a quick FTS for documentation. As soon as I get some free time, the plan is to take a lot more pics of individual corals with a new FTS. You're right, I've added a bunch more pieces and (knocking on wood), everything has been doing really well. The Maxima is also doing great and gaining in size . Hopefully, updates will be coming soon. Thanks for looking.
  2. Nano box rocks! Still young, but maturing nicely.
  3. Most recent FTS pic for a quick update:
  4. Hi fellow reefers✋ Time for some updated photos of some of my corals and a FTS as well. Things have settled down and the corals are finally starting to encrust and color up. Still a very long way to go, but that's part of the fun, watching something grow and fill in from nothing. Hopefully in time, frags will turn to colonies and it will look like a full blown tiny reef. All pics were taken with my cell. Not the best quality, but they are mainly to represent growth progress, so please forgive. Photography is not my strong suit. Maybe, in time I'll get better. Thanks for looking and I'll update again in a few months.
  5. Does my ATI retro (12x - V3 array) have the mint or the lime? Either way, looks good to me. Oh, and this is good news. Glad to see progressive strides are still being made toward innovation.
  6. Hi, looking for some feedback. I had a custom 36"ATI retro hybrid built by Dave. Unfortunately, it got banged up during shipping. Has anyone received any damaged items and what did you do if anything to get it fixed. Dave's on vacation, so I'm not sure what step to take next. Here are a couple pics of the damage.
  7. Hi, Is anyone on this forum using a Meanwell SE-350-48 power supply? I just received a Nanobox ATI retro light and the power supply came separately from Rapid led. I think I may have received a bad one, but I want to see a photo of how it should be wired up just in case I did it wrong. When I plug it in, the green led indicator does not light up.
  8. OK, I was hoping that was not the case, but it is what it is. Now I know. Thanks for the response.
  9. Hi, I have the bluefish app and am currently using it to control my nanobox light at work. I just bought a second nanobox light for my tank at home. How do I use the bluefish app to control both lights? I can't download the app again because it's already installed. If I try to "register a new device" it tells me my email address is already registered. Feeling really stupid right now.
  10. HI Dave, How's my build coming along, any updates?
  11. Hey now Dave, I see some great work in those pics, but there's one missing that I haven't seen, MINE!! LOL How this beast coming along?
  12. Hi Dave, I've been trying to reach you by email, but I keep getting a "delivery failure". I'm not sure if it's on my end or yours. I was just asking you to respond to my email about the layout to make sure we were on the same page. I don't want you to have to re-do any work you've started because of mis-communication. Hopefully you see this. Thanks, Todd
  13. I've told Dave many times already, I think these lights are great. Aesthetically and more important functionally. If I were to give any advice on improvements I would have one suggestion. Being that you've paid so much attention to detail, I would continue that attention to the undercarriage on the retro builds. What I'm trying to say is instead of laying the wires across the heat sink where they are visible, maybe put a thin piece of stainless across the heat sink to cover the wires between the pucks. Maybe nit picky, maybe not, but to me, the cleaner the look the better. This being said, I take nothing away from such a great product, just a suggestion, which is what this thread is for. Keep up the good work Dave!
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