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  1. ADIN TANK 9g

    Got a pic of the tank and stand/light?
  2. Mr. Aqua Rimless Tanks

    Great tanks imo. Here is my 7.5g bowfront
  3. WaWaWang's 57g Oceanic Illuminati

    Absolutely crazy tank man!
  4. Equipment: Mr. Aqua 7.5gallon bowfront aquarium Current Subcurrent filter Current Biocube skimmer Hydor Koralia nano pump Hydor Theo 75watt heater Current 2x18watt T5HO fixture Ecoxotic 12watt 453 actinic Panorama Module Livestock: 6lbs liverock 5lbs livesand Caulerpa taxifolia Caulerpa racemosa Sphaeramia nematoptera (Pajama Cardinal) Lysmata amboinensis (Skunk Cleaner Shrimp) Trochus sp. (Banded Trochus Snail) Nassarius sp. (Nassarius Snail) Cerithium sp. (Cerith Snail) Clibanarius tricolor (Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crab) Acropora Millepora (ORA Blue Millepora) Acropora sp. (ORA Red Planet) Echinophyllia aspera (Watermellon Chalice) Lobophyllia hemprichii (Brain Coral) What coral is this?
  5. PArIsHIlToN 5G PIcO tANk MiXEd REeF

    Love pico tanks! Everything is so much more personal when you only have a few gallons to work with.
  6. Coraline plates

    Super impressive!
  7. Mr. Aqua 7.5g bowfront

    Once the photos load will post my new Red Spot Cardinals, Red Planet Acro and ORA Blue Millipora.
  8. Mr. Aqua 7.5g bowfront

    Picked up a Panorama Module 453nm blue. Opps Before After with awful camera phone white balance Also found this guy at a Petco for $20. Couldn't just leave him there to die so its sitting in quarantine until I figure out what to do.
  9. Mr. Aqua 7.5g bowfront

    Added a cuc yesterday.
  10. Mixing T5 and LEDs

    I have an 18x9.5x10in aquarium. Running a 2x18w T5HO fixture with one of those single piece parabolic reflectors. Thinking of adding an ecoxotic Panorama LED Module for more light/shimmering. Will this combo be enough light to keep sps corals?
  11. Mr. Aqua 7.5g bowfront

    My only issue with it is that you have to monitor your evaporation like a hawk otherwise it will start to draw in air. Right now I am topping off twice a day.
  12. Mr. Aqua 7.5g bowfront

    Tomorrow after work will be getting some tiny hermits and some extra cerith snails. Not sure if the tank will cycle for very long seeing as how all of the rock came from an established system and only exposed to air for a couple seconds. The sand is livesand from the lfs and the water is also from an established tank.
  13. Mr. Aqua 7.5g bowfront

    Gonna post all fts in this first post so everyone can watch it grow! Equipment: Mr. Aqua 7.5g bowfront Current 2x18watt T5HO fixture Hydor Theo 100watt heater Koralia Nano Current subcurrent internal filter Livestock: 5lbs livesand 6lbs liverock 2 cerith snails 2 Nassarius snails 1 Skunk cleaner shrimp 7 tiny hermits 3 Trochus snails So empty Cloudy fts 09-23-10 09-26-10
  14. Mr. Aqua 7.5gallon

    All updates will be in this post! Just ordered a Mr. Aqua 7.5gallon bowfront from marinedepot.com. Equipment is as follows: 7.5G bowfront aquarium Current 2x18watt T5HO fixture Current Subcurrent internal filter Hydor Theo 100watt heater Hydor Koralia 240 nano pump (might be replaced by mp10 when I get my discount) Gonna see if I can keep sps corals with this fixture.