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  1. Super impressive!
  2. You might owe a bit more then a beer!
  3. I'm so amazed by mini carpet anemones!
  4. Purdy, got some specs to share?
  5. Great job on the rockscape!
  6. How is the liberty filter working?
  7. IMO creating a nice liverock aquascape isn't the real issue. Creating a stable and most importantly modest aquascape is what is important. With soo much rock if and when you start to add corals you will find it difficult to find enough room for them, also was they grow they will crowd one another faster.
  8. J86 doesn't seem to know what constructive criticism is. So far it looks pretty decent, however everyone is right about the rockwork being unstable, especially near the top. Try leaving the 2 mounds you have on each side and then create a pvc arc between them and secure the liverock to that.
  9. That is awsome! Do you have a thread about this setup?