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  1. You could do that. Do you have a refugium? If it's clear, chaeto grows well with just daylight there, and it's a nice spot for pods and things to hang out. The other thing caulerpa tends to do is go sexual, and it can cloud up the tank and upset things.
  2. Have you tried Facebook? I know there are several buy/sell macro groups. People have some beautiful stuff of all colors for sale. Just if it were me, I would forgo caulerpa. It's really hard to get rid of once it takes hold.
  3. It likes something to latch onto, so I'm not sure the sand bed would work. You could confine it to a refugium. I would avoid it altogether and stick to chaeto if you want nutrient export.
  4. Run, unless you can keep it under control as vlangel suggests.
  5. Agree with Weetie- where aaaarrrrrrreeeee uuuuuuuuu? Haven't seen you in forever. I need to come by and harass you sometime.
  6. I love this tank thread OMW. Nice fish choices. You need to update this.
  7. Dip that entire frag in fresh water. One by one they'll all drop off. Repeat in a day or two. Edit: Hold it under the water for 10-15 seconds and shake it a bit, and you'll see the nudis fall off.
  8. https://www.amazon.com/Aqueon-AQE06194-Heater-Aquarium-10-watt/dp/B009ETLY30/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1494252054&sr=8-14&keywords=small+tank+heater The downside is I don't think you can adjust the temp with this one.
  9. They do make ceramic heaters for tanks that small and you can buy them at Petco for under $15.
  10. It's a bristle worm, and it's fine- it's a beneficial scavenger. Will clean up and won't hurt anything. There are people who will tell you it could *possibly* be evil so you should kill it with fire but they're wrong.
  11. YWG

    get him a pistol shrimp buddy!
  12. I like it, I think you should let it be.
  13. It should perk up after a bit- when it gets larger it will drop branches that you can share with others.
  14. got my vote! cheeseheads have to stick together!
  15. I love him! This is the kind of crab that got me into the hobby.