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  1. It's totally possible that the crab is eating the ich cysts. They're both Carib sea critters and perhaps there's a relationship we don't know about. I was just reading about something called Dr. G's Anti-Parasitic Caviar to treat ich. People say it's expensive ($25/bottle) but works. No idea what it is.
  2. Fluconazole can be fungistatic or fungicidal, depending on the species. This might explain why it doesn't harm the zooxanthelae in coral. At any rate, it's generally used for yeast infections in women. So if it doesn't work for your tank, you can offer it to your lady friend.
  3. This is what I would do- go to your LFS and pick out your clown(s). Don't pick clowns from a tank where there's a bunch of newly acquired babies all in a school together- pick them from a tank where there are one or two healthy adults swimming with other fish. Pay for them or put a deposit on them. Go back in a few days when you're sure your ammonia is good (or have the LFS test your water), check to see if the fish you picked are still healthy and eating (have the fish store feed them to prove that they're eating- this is a good sign of health), and if all is well, take them home.
  4. It looks to me like you still might have some cycling going on. I'd wait another week or so and retest. When there's too much ammonia, it destroys the protective mucus that lines the fish's fins and gills, and without that mucus the fish is exposed to infection. You could add some hermits if you want to see some movement in your tank, I'd wait on snails as they're a bit more sensitive. In this hobby, waiting is cheaper and less frustrating in the long run than doing too much too soon.
  5. This happens yearly to a clownfish I have in my school tank. It looks like he's coming down with some terrible skin affliction, but I think it's just pigment. It goes away after a couple months.
  6. I'm dropping out too. Too much rudeness on this site. It's not fun anymore.
  7. Here's my list, in no particular order. Horse riding gloves size L (Noble Outfitters makes some good ones, can get on Amazon) Funny t-shirts (can be reef related or not) size L (if they run big, a medium) Book- In the Hurricane's Eye, The Genius of George Washington and the Victory at Yorktown by Nathaniel Philbrick LiveAquaria gift certificate car air freshener
  8. I don't think it would be a problem. Flame Hawkfish tend to be passive, so watch for bullying.
  9. This is what I came here to say. Try putting it where it's not getting blown away, but waves in the current. Good for you.