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  1. Drop off Vivarium-Frogs!

    My wife usually says yes regarding my addictions as long as a wall does not get torned down.. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.
  2. How do I get rid of gurgling from overflow box

    Blocking the air tube (or a blockage of the air tube) will cause the gurgling. Clean out the air tube. Maybe some salt has accumulated within the tube.
  3. New clownfish with Ich?

    You notice that none of the recommended treatments in your attached article mentions anything about -resolving itself-.
  4. New clownfish with Ich?

    You're kidding... Right?
  5. Maroon Clownfish Question.

    Do you have any pics of the pair to post?
  6. ~ Allure ~ What water change?

    Bare bottom. Nice.
  7. Glass holes overflow leak

    I guess there are two camps here. I personally have added nothing to gaskets when setting up bulkheads. The only time I got a leak was when I over tightened.
  8. Plumbing issue need help

    Yep. Also, the caps were probably the only pieces that I did not glue as it relates to the plumbing. I wanted to be able to take the caps off easily if future adjustments or a replacement was needed.
  9. Plumbing issue need help

    Here is the back of my old prop tank. Notice the T's plumbed to the two inner-most bulkheads. You will also need to drill a tiny hole on the top of the cap. Start with a very small whole then keep increasing the diameter of the hole to the point that the gurgling stops. http://s147.photobucket.com/user/uscmba04/media/gallery_10749_3_1356252179_13129_zpsee31dd60.jpg.html'>
  10. Abandoned Six Flags N.O.

    I think you caught an image of one of the family members of that crazy cannibal family that has been said to squat in that abandoned park. Take a close look at image 9034.
  11. Post a picture of your rare Mushroom coral!

    Old pic of my Pink Yuma Family http://s147.photobucket.com/user/uscmba04/media/gallery_10749_3_1356252184_13845_zps9515c861.jpg.html'>
  12. Clam attached to side of tank.

    It seems to have found its 'happy place'.
  13. Vic's 180 Gallon Vivarium (previously a paludarium)

    Great looking Viv. Here's an old pic of mine... http://s147.photobucket.com/user/uscmba04/media/VivMK.jpg.html'>
  14. My first saltwater tank 10g

    Just call me the "Xenia Killer". For the life of me I could never keep that stuff alive...