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  1. Actually, back in 1993 in my city some pumping stations run by the city were not turned on at a certain time of the spring... there was a massive rain storm, and between spring high water levels and the water from the rain there was massive flooding in basements all over the northern part of the city. Shortly after that you could no longer get water damage coverage in your insurance unless you had a back-flow valve and a sump installed in your house. So, it is entirely possible Cheers, Keith.
  2. flaunt, Could you post some plans for that surge device? And in case I am dense and missed something, what size tank are you surging into? Cheers, Tao.
  3. You are running three ballasts in parallel? Tao.
  4. Bah...I just saw there was another thread on this...sorry to start another topic... Maybe a mod could delete this... Tao. (Edited by Taoism at 9:22 pm on Mar. 14, 2002)
  5. Would you have any suggestions on what proportion of the overall tank the refugium should take up? 1/3 (5g) 1/4 (~<4g) 1/5 (3g) I am going to get some plexiglass in the next day or two and am gonna put the refugium partition in soon after. Also need to plan a Canopy setup for the tank... Cheers, Tao.
  6. Hi all, I have a 15 gallon "standard" glass aquarium that I am seriously considering making into a nano-reef. After seeing the aquariums at http://www.nanoreefs.com/aquariums.htm I am considering making an in-tank refugium. Would plexiglass be an ok material to make a divider out of? And I would assume that there are adhesives available that I could use to glue the plexiglass into place? Is a refugium supposed to take the place of a skimmer? Or would it be good to add a skimmer into the refugium? Or add an intake for a skimmer in the main tank...? Just wanna nail down a few variables before I start to tackle this project... I am going to guess that with a nano-reef one doesn't use a calcium-reactor ;p I don't think I can afford a RO/DI unit, but would RO water from the local grocery store be ok? Thanks in advance for any advice... Cheers, Tao.