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  1. 5g Desktop nano

    i like those blastos and the plate
  2. My snail grew LEGS!!

    i knew damsels were useful for something lol.
  3. Under ten bucks or Tricks of the Trade

    or you can buy bayco shop lights at walmart that are $10 and the come with a 13 watt 65k pc.
  4. my boys first reef tank

    man your kid needs to learn howto sucker you for money for the tank lol. ive been devloping several things to get my parents to pay for corals ove rthe last few years of reef keeping such as the "ill let you pick out somehting you like for my tank ifou buy me that acro" technique. that one is pure gold. lol.
  5. National Nano Wreck Week

    im gonna go watch me some office space now. when i firts setup my overflow on my 15 gallon with 10 galllon sumplast week i turned on the mag 5 to test it when it was all connect3ed to the plumbing and such. then i turned it off and about 10 minute later i look down caus ei hear dripping and my feet were wet, first i looked around the 10 gallong for a crack or major leak and finally after 5 gallongs of water were in my carpet (which is still wet 4 days later)i found out my return pump siphoned back when i turnined it off. i told my dad i spilled some water and the carpet was damp for that reason lol or the tank wouldnt be up right now.
  6. nano inmates

    i like the favia and porities a lot
  7. New Coralife 150 watt MH clamp on light.

    anyone know the dims of this light?
  8. .75 gal tank with new acans and other corals

    i got an order from live aquaria i ordered with bill 35 from this site and i got a 2 spot bimactulus (sp) blenny, a sexy shrimp, and harlenquin sea slug for the .75 and the sexy was dead this mourning. i also got a fuzzy dwarf lion that was about 2 inches for my 3 gallon eclipse and he was also dead this mourning and bill got a dwarf angel for his 29 gallon and it was also dead this mourning. so im gonna go with i think it was live aquaria. i dont htink ill be ordering from them again or foster smith. my purple acan is almost dead, i think there may have been somethin done wrong when the person i got it from fragged it because my miscromussa has 2 baby head on it already and ive only had it around a month. the blenny i got is sorta hosting to the clam and rests in the middle of the mantle, its really awesome. and the harlequin sea slug is tiny and bright green with bright orange spots, and i dont see it too often but when i do its pretty sweet. ill try to get pics later this week with updates.
  9. red sea is the most horrible thing ive ever put in my tank, you mite wanna change. i use the catalina water for my nanos, even tho its 10 bucks for 5 gallons around here its worth it since my tanks r so small anyways. when i do mix tho i use oceanic.
  10. Nano soundtrack?

    i like to listen to old metal and hxc while watching my tank.
  11. Petco cruelty

    this is why we sohould kill all the hippies.
  12. DFL's Pico Reef and New Project

    i like that little skunk clown he looks awesome. i had a small saddle back in my tank but he went missing this week, i think he mite have taken the leap of faith n i still havent found him. looks like your off to a good start. only suggestion i have is move the gsp off the rock. i glued some to my ack wall and it looks awesome. o yeah and these things are a pita to clean the glass. mine is a year old this month n the front is horrible. im thinking of buying a new just the tank so i can see into it.
  13. Zoanthid tenticle/skirt growth

    ive noticed that too some of my zoos skirts will shrink and opthers will get bigger. im guessing it may have something to do with fluctuations in the tank somewhere? maybe additives added to the tank?
  14. 3 gal eclipse shroom tank update

    i need to, hopefully ill hit up the lfs this week.
  15. .75 gal tank with new acans and other corals

    i dose calc and alk , and i have 1 7 72k watt pc and 1 13 watt 50/50. the acans are in the middle of the sand bed away from everything. theres definatly room, if not ill find a way to make some lol.