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  1. i like the favia and porities a lot
  2. awesome lobo
  3. i like the tank, it looks very natural.
  4. you are a stomatella
  5. i smell a crash
  6. wob, the corraline is uncontrollable lol. actually in the top left part of the tank i accidentally scratched my acryllic kinda bad scraping corraline off the wall soooo i needa find a scracth remover kit lol. thanks for the kind comments.
  7. 3.5-4 inches
  8. my awesome new maxima
  9. it lookslike it could be a non branching hammer, or a fox coral skeleton
  10. how long was the bubble algae in there till you removed it? i thinkitd be cool to setup a small tank (less than a gallon) and see how big you can get the bubble algae.