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  1. Superglue???

    Ok, but how long can it be out of the water, i mean i dont want to kill it trying to get it dry! ??
  2. Superglue???

    Hi, I know that this has been asked before, but i couldnt find the post. I just got a frag of a frogspawn, and a montipora digiata (sp?) anyways, i was wondering if i can just juse superglue jell to attach them. ?? thanks -RoB
  3. Fire Shrimp Feedings

    Mine loves to eat raw salmon, but is too scared to go out into the tank at feedign time so i just cut off a sliver and attach it to a piece of thread, then u can lower it right to him, tie it off to somethign outside the tank and let him eat. whatever he doesnt eat you can easily pull back out . no damage to water quality.
  4. you could put a small dolphin in with it. (just remember to put it in the blender first) then you should be good :-*
  5. Red Slime Algae

    I'm not sure if you said you would use a product, but Chemi-Clean by Boyd Enterprises worked great for me. within 3 days it was totaly gone and hasnt been back yet. lots of people suggested it to me.
  6. Gbta

    WoW that looks awesome! I'm from Calgary as well, where did you get it??
  7. Merry Xmas!

    HAHAHA i love it! hope you didnt leave anything out though.
  8. clown hosting

    mine hosts a finger leather. sleeps in it at night, and guards it like a military base in the day. it pretty cute actually.
  9. So What Do You Want For Nano-christmas?

    I got a mandarin for a christmas present from my friend... now i have to work on getting my pod pop. back up great. but its the thought that counts
  10. Carnation Anemone??

    yea my local big al's has what they were calling a carnation too. dont know anyhting else about it though sorry.
  11. Harsh green dotted algae!!!

    Yea, actually i'm adding a colony of sea turtles soon. Saw them on finding nemo and they looked cute.
  12. Help my corals are dying!!!

    thank you, yea my one leather is seeming to be getting better and my temp is fixed but it swung up to 78-79 today. I dont know what kind is it as it came with the setup when i bought it. (it has a temp setting inside the heater that moves up/down when you turn the knob. It has a red knob). thats all i know but regardless i'm getting a new one this afternoon as i dont want my tank to die. I dont know what i would do with my livestock if my cycle had started again. :*( :*( i'm hoping that it is still ok and the water change will help. What do the toxic reducers do? will they affect my fish/corals? adn how much water do i have to change afterward?? thanks .
  13. You guys are great

    Just agreeing that this website is awesome! It is so wonderfull to have a community where you can ask questions that 90% of reefers would know and still get full helpfull responses with no critisism for the question. So just saying Thank You Nano-Reef!
  14. Help my corals are dying!!!

    I already have a strainer with a polyester batting (from the sewing store-the king used to fill pillows/quilts) full of carbon then another layer of batting.( it is in my sump overflow) Can i just get that poly filter at most of my lfs's?? thanks. -Rob
  15. How's my aquascaping?

    Love the cave idea. I have a large cave in my tank and i love the different colors of algae growing in the cave vs out of it. My only prob has been getting enough flow into the cave. But nice job. I would add a few small pieces around the bottom and maybie on on the side and top just to break it up a little. but it'll be cool to place corals in there. For a while in mine i had two leathers at either side of the entrance hiding the cave walls sort of so it was like a leather coral cave; pretty cool. good luck -Rob