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  1. Perfect! That's what I was looking for, but couldn't manage to search the correct terms. TY
  2. Hmm, seems like the best thing is to just replace the whole unit. Thanks for the info.
  3. So I was an idiot and left my RO/DI unit in the garage this winter. It got cold enough to freeze the water and crack the clear part that you take off to get to the filters. I can't find a place to buy just that part. Does anyone sell just that part?
  4. Are all the "Chinese light bricks" pretty much the same thing just with different names on them?
  5. I need help picking a budget LED light for a 20L frag tank. I've been away from the hobby for a while and a lot has changed. What is the current "budget light" brand I should look into? MarsAqua, Odyssea...? Something else? Just need something cheap to get me by for 6months to a year while I slowly build a bigger system.
  6. Thanks!
  7. Thanks. I agree with you on the clownfish. I used 2 photos on them, one for the fish and one for the anemone. So I think it hurt the 3d effect a little.
  8. As of a few days ago yes! Ill be sad when my trial runs out.
  9. The picture I started with was out of focus. I looked everywhere for a good starfish picture at the angle I wanted but couldn't find one. So I had to pull out an old one I took. I like the idea of the starfish though so I guess ill keep hunting for a better picture.
  10. CS5 I downloaded the trial a few days ago. Ill be sad when it runs out. I don't have 1k to drop on it!
  11. This was two different pictures I combined.