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  1. RO/DI replacement parts

    Perfect! That's what I was looking for, but couldn't manage to search the correct terms. TY
  2. RO/DI replacement parts

    Hmm, seems like the best thing is to just replace the whole unit. Thanks for the info.
  3. RO/DI replacement parts

    So I was an idiot and left my RO/DI unit in the garage this winter. It got cold enough to freeze the water and crack the clear part that you take off to get to the filters. I can't find a place to buy just that part. Does anyone sell just that part?
  4. Need LED suggestion

    Are all the "Chinese light bricks" pretty much the same thing just with different names on them?
  5. Need LED suggestion

    I need help picking a budget LED light for a 20L frag tank. I've been away from the hobby for a while and a lot has changed. What is the current "budget light" brand I should look into? MarsAqua, Odyssea...? Something else? Just need something cheap to get me by for 6months to a year while I slowly build a bigger system.
  6. I picked up a few of these today and one of them keeps flipping himself onto his back. he is doing it on purpose! I don't get it, but without a doubt he is wanting to be on his shell. every time I flip him over he will move an inch or so then flip himself over and just hang out upside down. I have placed him in the sand and on the rock but the results are the same. The other three do not have the same behavior. One of them did for a couple hours but then stopped. Is this normal? I've never had these snails before.
  7. 28g Nano Cube

    New tank is cycling at the moment. Not the best picture, but what do you guys think of the rock work? What you cant see is there are multiple ways into the cave in the middle.
  8. The List!

    Been away a while. Looks like 3 years! Life has calmed down enough for me to get back into the hobby. I'll be fixing any bad links on the list, and if anyone would like me to add them just post a comment with your thread link and the tank size.
  9. new MH bulb with defects ***pics***

    Thanks for the info guys. I went ahead and put it in. I'm not gonna waist my time sending it back for 14 bucks. I don't know if they have better bulbs now or if mine was farther gone then I thought. It seems twice as bright, and I have way more shimmer. My corals didn't seem to mind the old bulb. I only replaced it because I was way over the recommended time. Maybe ill see a growth spurt. Anyway, thanks again.
  10. 12g Nano Cube Lighting Upgrade

    Thats what I was guessing too. I was gonna give my 2 cents on that. With an open top and a single fan I have zero heat issues. 70w MH over a 12NC However I had to build a DYI auto top off to keep up with the evap.
  11. 12g Nano Cube Lighting Upgrade

    May I ask why your ruling out a MH?
  12. new MH bulb with defects ***pics***

    Now that im looking at it the old one has it too. So I guess its ok?
  13. new MH bulb with defects ***pics***

    In the center of the bubble the glass is very thin. Seems like a possible hazard to me. I dint think you could get those in 70w.
  14. new MH bulb with defects ***pics***

    I guess you get what you pay for. I bought this bulb from fishneedit and it has some large bubbles on the outer bulb and the inner one. Do you guys think I should get in touch with them about it? photobucket is down at the moment, so here is an upload