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  1. Vibe's 10 gallon nano: UPDATED

    any pics of the new kid on the block in the tank? i've always wanted engineer gobies, and i plan on getting 3 for my 75 when it's ready.
  2. Vibe's 10 gallon nano: UPDATED

    he looks cool, can't wait to see him when he's over a foot long.
  3. Vibe's 10 gallon nano: UPDATED

    so, what'd you get?
  4. Vibe's 10 gallon nano: UPDATED

    can't wait to see what you get.
  5. sps + pc

  6. sps + pc

    what do you have in your tank bktomodachi.
  7. sps + pc

    well i want a montipora cap also.
  8. Full tank

    it's true, my gorg is slowly dieing because it keeps getting algae on it and the polyps can't come out.
  9. sps + pc

    i meant to say montiporas.
  10. sps + pc

    what color is it proflatlander15? i ask because i see a lot of preople with brown digis and i want better colors like purple and green and red. it might help also if you posted a picture.
  11. switching, not upgrading

    i'm trying to find one for around $50 near mw so i wouldn't have to pay for shipping.
  12. Jeff's Exotic Fish

    the rock is $0.04 more on the website, what a ripoff. j/p. good deals, might order a couple pounds to check it out.