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  1. get C-balance or B-ionic... makes life easier..
  2. tubastrea wont really take DT's... tubastreas are meat eaters.. i have tried feeding mine DT's just for the hell of it.. they retract, and if ever some gets in their mouths..eventually spit it out the next hour...
  3. i really worry about using red led's... without a lux meter, its really hard to tell, but all that can be done is guess.. red bulbs imo would put out high red spectrum, wich can be bad for the tank..algae loves the red spectrum.. sort of like using old bulbs.
  4. ahem... its not 280..its 480 to you buddy.. HEHE
  5. when i started the hobby, tubastrea was one of the best(est) coral i have seen, all these pictures on books, etc... phew, i had to have one... at first i was a little discouraged in keeping them from what i was told.. part of me felt really selfish, to do something that wasnt recommended. people told me it would die.. but it came out that everything was worth it. very well worth it. i am not giving you positive idea's that its easy, nice, you should keep it..but I LOVE IT.. IMO, it needs feeding, specially mine...if i go one week without feeding them, they dont come out much, and the color is less faded... i feed them formula one 2 times a day, the results: i have hundreds of tubastrea's under my cave..somehow it spawn'd and released hundreds of eggs which is covering my whole cave.. BAH..that should be a problem dammit, i keep forgetting stuff """EDIT""" mine will easily come out when i put food over its mouth. its is now trained to come out during the day.
  6. im yet to do my own research towards effects of LED's on reef tanks.. my next purchase will be a lux meter.. so i can see how deep the LED's penetrate i have seen mix reviews and im tired of taking peoples opinions on how it would and it wouldnt..so ill keep you updated towards the "real" results..(at least close to being real) hehe I am carefully watching my corals and fishes,(its coloring, its growth, fish behavior, etc) so basically any adverse effects from the LED.. the led purchased was carefully selected, i had to make sure it peaks more than 420nm so it can penetrate deeper. and i hit the jackpot.. found one that peaks 480nm (manufacturer claims) in terms of effects and behaivior, i already have seen that it does something.. when lights go off, all my corals are usually retracted within the hour ( 4 months of investigation ) but last night, they stayed "partially " out till the LED's went off..perhaps it was too strong, so i will try to find different bulbs..hopefully i spot one that peaks exactly at 420nm.. i also have red and green LEDs for the test DOH!!.. almost forgot.. last night i felt that the led's was pointing towards one area..so i pointed the led's up to the reflector and let it bounce back... i just thought that it should lower the intensitiy a lil bit, or at least light up the tank more... BOOM, it worked.. the whole tank was lit by the led gave a nice glow all over..and corals was neon green..
  7. 4000 gallons = $20,000 + (should be the minimum) you could do the standard 30 dollars per gallon.. which would put you at $120,000 bucks... imagine that.. like i said..LOTS of NANO's...and LOTS of vaccations.. and lots of different more nano's..and you can do you own research towards reef keeping too.. HAHA
  8. okay, just got 2 blue led's setup over my 7 gallon minibow for night time viewing.... cant explain how nice it is...but i really love it.. makes my corals glow... the LED peaks at 480nm..so corals should love it pictures: http://www.stryfe.com/moonlight
  9. if i had your money, i would setup 100 7 gallon tanks.. HAHA.. and use the rest of the money for a few more 7 gallon tanks... WOO HOO... you should try it, it can be fun and entertaining..
  10. i have been thinking of keeping a rose anemone in my nano... now that i found a good deal for one... yes, i will do it..
  11. i have used both 12 and 17 inch formosa, and was happy with the results... I have heard many horror stories about them, how they burn, they give up, etc. HmMmmm right now, my 7 gallon has a 17 inch formosa.. DOH but was retrofitted with 2 32 watt CSL...
  12. Me...green acropora.. 2 32 watt over a 7 gallon
  13. sand sifting starfish.. mix of various snails (astrea, nassarius, margarita, etc.) 1 or 2 per gallon mix of hermit crabs ( blue legged & scarlet hermits) 1 or 2 per gallon but the more you have, the better.. and use Ro/Di water, and even if you buy Ro/Di..check for phosphates anyways..some stores just dont change their Ro filters often you should be set in no time...
  14. JEESUS...great pics...great tank... but to be honest..i have never seen soo much aptasia in my life..in such a small tank...
  15. use carbon, will clear up real fast...
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