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  1. [9.6 gallon] Bedside table tank

    A coupled updated shots. The zoas aren't glued in place, so I may end up moving them around. I want to cut the discs down a bit before I glue them in place.
  2. Shallow.Cube.

    Tank is looking great. Put me in the camp that prefers a thin layer of sand, but I'm sure it's hard to get much flow in there without blowing sand everywhere.
  3. I just moved to the Bay area. You weren't joking when you said real estate prices were crazy around here. Anyway, that's a great setup. I hadn't seen Landen tanks before, but yours is looking great. Is there a reason you chose it over an ADA or Mr. Aqua? I really like the dimensions on yours. I haven't seen an ADA or Mr. Aqua with the same dimensions (although I think ADA has a 24 x 18 x 18).
  4. I haven't been on the site in a while, but I recently moved and am setting up a tank again. Quick stats: Tank: If I remember correctly, the tank is 16" x 14" x 10" with starphire glass. It was built by Chris at PicO aquariums. Lighting: Maxspect Razor R420R Flow: Ecotech MP10 Filtration: See below I'm still trying to figure out how to take decent pictures with these LED lights. It's proving difficult. At any rate, here are a couple pictures from today: Front shot Top down view Blasto Zoas Dendros I have a one year old kid that never stops moving, so my goal with the tank is to minimize maintenance, and more importantly the risk for spills, leaks, etc, while also avoiding clutter in the tank. So, I'm skipping a sump with this tank. To avoid clutter, I've modded an inline filter and retrofitted a heater inside the filter to allow for mechanical filtration and carbon or phosban dosing. I'm using green leaf aquarium filter pipes and an eheim pump to connect the filter to the tank. Here is a quick picture of the filter:
  5. In it to win it! Great contest. Favorite addition to one of my tanks was this blue carpet anemone.
  6. Simple 9.6 gallon desktop tank

    Package came today: They seem like they'll be exactly what I need. These will connect to the media reactor I posted previously. I'm using an eheim 1046 in conjunction with the reactor and these lily pipes.
  7. Simple 9.6 gallon desktop tank

    One of the reasons that I'm doing this tank is because my clown and her anemone have take over my existing tank. New inhabitants don't stand a chance. I added a starfish last week. Today it wandered too close to the anemone. I just walked past the tank and this was the scene:
  8. Simple 9.6 gallon desktop tank

    Tell me about it, Tristan. Seems the costs keep adding up. I ordered the glass pipes for my media reactor, which sold get here later this week. I also made a little progress this past weekend on the media reactor itself. The idea is to use it to hide the heater and also to be able to run carbon, etc in there. I've also toyed with the idea of running a second one filled with cheato. At any rate, over the weekend, I drilled a hole in the lid, clipped the heater cord, ran it through the hole and reattached the wires, then filled the hole with sealant. Here's the end product, currently being leak tested:
  9. Sold. Thanks for looking
  10. Price drop to $150 shipped / insured.
  11. Bump - open to offers
  12. TheDoogan's Shallow Rimless Reef

    Great tank! You may have answered this already, but where did you get the aluminum bar for the light mount? Is it 0.25" thick? How wide? I love how it came out, so I may be stealing that idea.
  13. Price dropped to $175 shipped / insured
  14. Simple 9.6 gallon desktop tank

    Thanks, ZX6. For filtration, I'm planning on lily pipes feeding into a precision marine reactor (which will be inside a cabinet below my desk). The reactor will house a heater, mechanical filtration, carbon, etc. I'm thinking about adding a second reactor in series and throwing some chaeto in there. I've already got one of the reactors and ordered the eheim pump and heater today. I also ordered an MP10 for flow.