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  1. snostorm, that tank rox my sox
  2. cool, I just got one of those. How long did it take for him to stop being so shy?
  3. high five on the trimmas, man. Awesome fish
  4. Well at any rate it looks pretty healthy.
  5. Hahaha, best movie ever.
  6. It's always nice coming on the website and seeing a great tank like this. Very nice.
  7. yum
  8. retrokit
  9. Its an odyssea 9 gallon
  10. i think ttheyre called like sunshine daydream zoos or something like that
  11. The thing that bugs me about people saying that a tank is too small is that they are mostly just saying it based on what other people have said. No one on this site actually cares about the happiness of a fish. Its just become a reflex to say something as soon as one sees a clown or mandarin or tang.
  12. I'm beginning to get a little nervous for my chances in this contest... Looks great!
  13. Imo, that how a zoa tank should look
  14. I was talking about the goby/pistol combo. I know i'm an idiot for putting a clown in. I'm trying to catch him and put him in my bro's 10 that has no fish.