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  1. alryt! well i asked this question about a year ago when i first started my tank and alot of people said that crush coral would be a prety good choice, i have a 29 standard tank with decent rock work and i have been very happy with this. my setup includes a canister filter 136 watt lights and i am verry satisfied with what crush coral has offerd for the bottom of the tank. my lfs has a tank set up that has been going for 3 years that uses black sand? i talked to them and they said that if i were to buy this it dosent come pre seeded so it will take awile to set up but theres turned out ok? now my only real consern is how does this sand work with geting all my start up stuff in a brand new thank the crush coral kicked off amazingly fast and i was sattisfied but i like the look of this black sand. im starting a new tank 10 g. probably the same lights 136 watt. but im looking at a wet dry filter ( id love to hear what everyone elses experiances are with there filters and what would be the best way to go with a smaller tank than what im used to) there will be no fish. ( well prfereably no fish maby a small goby or something along those lines just for kicks) but my question comes down to how long will it take sand to start after i have levals all even with a few collonys of polups from my other tank would this be enough to seed the new sand? time isnt a problem. as long as it dosent take 100 years, and what are some things i need to watch for with sand does anything change or is it the same as crush? thanks for your time with this newbie ? i feel prety stupid having played the game for a year and comeing back to this
  2. is this what i want?

    is there a model below the dx? becuse it looks different like im not sure if its an older model or what? it lables the features of: 24 WATT POWER COMPACT LIGHTING WITH 50/50 BULB DUAL FAN COOLED CANOPY BUILT IN 3 STAGE FILTRATION so is this the same as the dx? or does the dx come witha better filteration system?
  3. is this what i want?

  4. is this what i want?

    ok well im gonig to try a nano cube by jbj, i have been having fun with a 29 gallon with a couple clowns but i want a tank with just softies and other smaller corals i understand that this setup comes with a crappy light system i belive its only 24 watts but i would like to ( if its possible without messing stuff up..) add two additional 24 watt retro fit systems. well this is the tank i was curious does this tank come with the false back and filter behind?? and does it have room to stick the heater behind the false back if so what brand and model does every one suggest, thanks for everyones support
  5. not SW, but...

    if ur running a canister get something called phosgard it works amazing and if not my friend ghetto riged his and just hung it infront of a powerhead to get lots of direct flow... just my two cents but the product works amazingly well and fast. good luck
  6. term question zooanthid

    "grow out" or growing out.. if i were to get 3 polyps of zooanthids do they multiply or fragging i have asked ?'s and ?'s on how and i have recived so many verry good replys but im still kinda sketchy i wouldent want to mess them up... is just cutting at the base and glueing to a small pice of rock the only way to get more< and dose a polyp grow from the base of the polyp you cut and the glued piece or?>? how long would it take for a zooanthid to multiply on its own? thanks so much
  7. fraging zoo's

    so i dont understand... sorry i just peel up an edge and anoter will grow? or i cut off a part from the end...?? sorry thanks so much for all the information.
  8. 10 gallon lighting

    shrooms seem to grow everywear so i would imagine those would do it umm some star polyps maby a finger zooz's colt? probably too big but it can be my " baby " tank, open brain, and just various things like this.
  9. Lava Rock

    yeah i have 10 lbs of lava as base in my 29 with a lace rock slab standing up in the back for a rock wall and the lava hasnt taken to grwoing coraline nearly as well as the lace rock but it grows stringy green alge that im always having to suck off without a problem so has anyone been successful with coraline growing on lava? just wondering if my patients are going to pay off...
  10. fraging zoo's

    hey ok stupid ? but how do i frag zoos? like do i cut them at the base one grows fromt he base and the top reattaces to a rock? do i need to super glue the top or like do i cut them down the middle? this will be my first time fragging zoos' i have only fragged shrooms and they were a piece of cake so i hope zoos are the same ( i do understand that there are dangerous zoos verry potent ppe and such i will be wearing gloves rest assured.) thank you so much
  11. 10 gallon lighting

    would a coralife 136 watt power compac be prety ok for ten gallon?
  12. wet dry filter? will this work? can this work? i plan on using a 10 gallon tank any and all comments/ suggestions/ laughing ( with explinations) help is what i should be saying but is this ok for a start and what dose every one suggest i do for making this like will the water surculate through this or will it back flow? and what dose everyone suggest for pumps with flow.?