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  1. Pictures? Is the power supply included? Neutral/warm/cool white? Heatsink type?
  2. Hmm. Bluefish mini looks better once you take into account that it is much easier to use. It's not like it wouldn't be handy. I think I have a spare tablet somewhere anyway now that you mention it. Anybody with a bluefish have any more input?
  3. I think I might go with three. More sources is better for coverage in experience. Is there a way to add a screen to the mini? I like the idea of having a readout of some sort at the tank, and the WiFi aspect is nice, but seems like for the price I should at least have at-a-glance info. I may just do the storm if a screen isn't available, but remote adjustment is nice... ugh I'm too undecided lol. Would one of the nanobox dual board retro style kits with a third board work? If so I may go that way, and build a good hood with the hot air ducted out the sides.
  4. Here it is with two 10w led chips off of ebay on it until I build up the fixture. Thinking of going with the nanobox retro boards.
  5. Looks good. You think two on a 6x20 heatsink would be okay over a 20" tall tank? The chips used look very nice, and it looks competitive in pricing too. Would a storm or typhon be better for a controller? I don't need all the fancy weather simulation but wouldn't mind lunar control.
  6. Well, after a long break from reefing due to life and housing issues, I've set up my first tank in over a year. Picked up a used 25 gallon from an LFS. Nice tank, black silicone, same footprint as a 20 high. Grabbed a stand, 13.5# of LR, 20# of live sand, and 15# of dry base rock. Got it home and set up. Grabbed a zoo med 501 canister for activated carbon, aqueon heater, a maxi jet pro, and another small powerhead. I'm pretty much the most successful when I go simple, and do weekly waterchanges so that's all I think I'll do for now. I may add another MJ pro if future corals need it. The plan is a DIY LED fixture, and mostly LPS, Zoas,maybe montipora, and possibly a pipe organ if I find one that's established and healthy. Here's a quick FTS, once it clears up more I'll rearrange it up most likely.
  7. Cool white is no Buenos.
  8. Would using these Bridgelux with some luxeon M be a better choice than the 3ups?
  9. Looks good. Any reasons you didn't go with 3up boards? Would be a tighter layout. Also, how hot does that psu get?
  10. So, just picked up a tank that's basically a 25 gallon with the footprint of a 20H. Already stuffed full of LR and sand, started it cycling. Rockwork will go up at least halfway to the top, with a nice slope towards the sandbed. I'm looking to keep a little bit of everything, but I tend not to do much SPS, occasionally some hydnophora, montipora, but mostly going to be zoas, LPS, and the like. Might do a maxima clam up higher in the rock. I want a deep blue look to the tank, adjustable color, good growth, and nice pop. It's been a while since I put together an array, what would be a nice rig for this tank? I'm thinking a base of three 3UPs on each side to start, and going from there, or maybe bridgelux/luxeon clusters. I know I'm going for LDD drivers and also would like to know what a decent sunrise/sunset controller to use would be. I've tried to do my own, but would prefer an easy to build proven controller this time. I was thinking two clusters of Steve's leds 3up, one per side, with a few added in to support. I noticed on my last fixture I had to really crank the white down to get the 18~20k look I prefer, so I added a bit more blue this time. Last fixture on my 20 long had two clusters of 3nw, 6rb, and 1ocw per side, and had excellent growth but the whole tank looked pink as fug. Each side this time would have an array of the following, the violet are the only ones not on 3ups. All stevesleds. 1ww 2nw 7rb 1cb 1lime 3tv For such an array would higher powered Luxeons like m series or similar be better? Bridgelux? Any help would be appreciated. Budget isn't too big of a deal but I don't want to dump money where it isn't needed. A couple hundred bucks between the hardware and controller is about where I want to try and stay, but I'm flexible. I will be doing all the soldering and such of course.
  11. I had a couple of these over a Fluval edge a while back... color isn't that great for corals but I got decent growth out of LPS. Great for a fish only setup or Cichlids though. Useful for color fill on larger tanks.